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    Hi there - I though you might know the answer to this one.
    By which of the above methods is best to test sex hormones, thyroid, and adrenals? Why would my thyroid levels be within ref ranges in a blood test, but way too high in a urine test (am taking Armour, but no hyperthyroid symptoms.) Very confusing. Any ideas??

    With thanks and best wishes
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    We use blood tests now because people don't like leeches. (Just kidding; leeches are still pretty useful, especially to surgeons who have reattached appendages, and I'm interested in the anticoagulants they produce; I'll bet there's some interesting research going on.)

    I'm afraid I'm not going to be much help to you. I'm just not familiar with the saliva tests, though I know they're sometimes used to check hormone levels, especially if you need several specimens in a day, as patients are able to collect them without the assistance of a technician. It never occurred to me to test urine except for a few specialized tests, and then I'm not sure why the urine test is preferred except some may not stay in the blood long enough to be measured.

    You'll have to rely on your own doctor to answer these questions. Most of us don't order tests unless we know how to interpret them (of course we can always call one of our colleages if we get stumped), but you should be talking to someone who knows you and is familiar with your clinical condition. Sounds like you're seeing someone who knows more about this than I do. Good luck getting all your questions answered, but KEEP ASKING.
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    Many thanks for taking the time to respond. Saying thanks never seems enough, but pls know my appreciation is huge - know u are all so busy.

    Sujay - Re your interest in hypercogulation. My doc had me on 10 Inflazyme Forte (multi digestive enzyme) per day for about the last 8 weeks for this problem. Was happy to report to him better clarity in my thinking, and the blood pooling in my legs/feet is not as solid bluish/mauve. He said this was great and due to better blood flow. Have reduced down to a maiantenance of 4/day.

    Best wishes
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    How are u now Barb? I know that you had payback from your hol, but hope this is settling now. Have u managed to restart the dioxychlor infusions - weather much more tolerable now. I was told Dr H goes away in August.

    You made me laugh about your GP throwing a wobbly when shown the print out of your urine test - mine just stares blankly and changes the subject pronto at any test result I show him - have given up now.

    Mind u, I went all wobbly when I read that report - just too much detail - fractionated corticosteroids - eek!! -give my poor brain a break!!Thought it best to let Dr H sort it out and explain it. Had the brilliant idea to record my consultation as I knew it would be long and detailed - can't recommend it enough. It really is good to go thru it in own time, bit by bit, then it makes more sense.

    I'm on the Armour, and this urine test showed high levels of t3 and t4, but in my blood test a couple of months ago, the free t3 and t4 were just fine, and I feel 'fine' ie no hyperthyroid symptoms. I have been hyperthyroid on a higher dose of Armour, so I do know what this feels like.
    He recommended to reduce the Armour though, and have to work now at getting the adrenals, sex hormones and growth hormone back into balance. He said that I could not convert t4 to t3.

    Your test presumably indicates the same problem with conversion, yes? It is the t3 that is at active cell level,but if u can't take the hormone, did he not suggest anything else. What about the glandulars or even kelp which contains iodine, but I don't know if that would be any good if u can't convert.

    Was your growth hormone low/high - what did he suggest here.
    I think I remember that u were on Cortef, so presume your adrenals were under aswell, but I might be a bit confused here - God, I can't keep up.

    He suggested I do the secretagogues and is trying to arrange an argenine stimulation test which tests the reserves of growth hormone in the pituitary. Seems secretagogues are only useful if there is some left there for it to work on, and once old and past it like me, Dr Hoerteg (his endocrine partner) says we don't have any left. Otherwise, he mentioned HGH shots, but I think this is too scary re cancer growth.

    Have been just too thick with tiredness because of the ldn, but have been off this now for 3 nights, and feel better today in this tired respect, so can put it all into better perspective in the old brain box.

    Anyway, let us know how you are if you are up to it - did you get to grips with the Aquadetox - he has suggested I do this and is trying to arrange it locally. Did u read about those 'detox soles' on this board - I did a bit of googling and found someone in the US who was keen to send me some, but I don't know - wonder if it does the same job.

    With very best wishes

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