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    I just got a copy of my second set of labs, I am not sure of what they all mean but some are really high
    EBV Ab = 170, s/b 20<,
    EBV nuclear = 197, s/b 20<
    Serum Iron= 249, s/b 35-155
    Iron Sats=96, s/b 15-55
    UIBC 10, s/b 150-375 why so low???
    Serum Ferritin 828, s/b 10-291 REALLY HIGH
    Negative for Hep A, B, C

    Does this mean I EBV mono AND Hemochromatosis, I had a new blood test today for the gene. I am sure my Dr will get to the bottom of it, I trust her completely but in the mean time what does all this mean. Thanks for all your help.
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    After doing some research I think my Dr is going in the right direction. But isn't mono infectious? My graddaughter spent the last month with me and we have shared drinks on occassion, should I be concerened< I also do all the cooking for my disabled mother, is she susceptable< She is recovering from open heart surgery.

    How many dd's can one person have and live?? I have been dx
    RA, osteo, chronic pain, fibro, CFS,high blood pressure, borderline high cholestral,sinus tach w/abnormal short PR interval, depression, IBS, GERD, congenital spinal stenosis, complicated by the osteo, hypoglycemia (familar hist of diabetes), no thryroid, removed at 16, then radioactive iodine at 25 for Graves, recoverd for rectal cancer 8 years, asthma, fibrocystic disease 4 tumors removed in 10 years,premature menopause induced by chemo at age 40. I am sure I missed some things because I have no mememory, I have forgotten so much of my life, i have several friends I have been with since childhood and they tell me things that i have no memory of. Short term is gone too. I order my mom's meds thru merk-medco. I was getting low on one med and I went on line to see when it was to ship and it said I received it. Went to look in the cabinet and there it was, I do not have any memory of getting them, opening the package and putting them under the cabinet. I do not drink but I feel like I have blackouts like this. And now this new problem with my liver, iron, EBV. Oh well, so sorry I rambled on. I am a positve person and use art as a outlet, I think that is how I am able to get up everyday, I am a true survivor but how much can one person go thru medically.
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    Hoping for another reply
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    I just read your second post and immediately stopped feeling sorry for myself! You are right to be asking, how much can one person be expected to stand. I am truly sorry this is all being dumped in your lap.
    For whatever it's worth, I have a family friend with hemochromomatosis, and he is living a full life by eating a vegetarian diet and being bled once a month. It's one of the few illnesses where the ancient art of blood-leting actually helps.
    Sorry I can't be of more help. I pray you will have the strength to deal with all this.
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    sThanks for the kind words and hugs. I am sure i will get thru this, I have been trained well to surviving all this stuff.I try to remain as active as I can, like I said I use art as a outlet. I just get up each day and the best I can tht day. I know my limits and listen to my body. I happen to like myself and don't mind spending time alone, I have close freinds who are there when I need them and I have you guys. I read alot more than I post, i suffer from concentration problems, especially like now, my meds have kicked in, lol, I was signing off for the night when I saw your post. Sending hugs back your way, nity nite all
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    Thank goodness your doc was on the ball and picked up that high iron level before you developed diabetes, too.

    Hang in there,