Madwolf...sujay or ????

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    Hi.long time no post.....
    I've been sick !!

    I just got some bloodwork back and I have tested positive for MYCOG2 7.5 I know that is mycoplasma but what is it ????

    ALso TSH was 1.28 is that on the low side

    Also ANA was 1:80 speckled.......what do you think on that one.... I know slightly high and am thinking lupus but Dr said not to worry......

    Thanks for reply
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    bumping for help
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    I'm glad your doc has identified the mycoplasma. I'm still not sure of the best way to tackle it, but I hope you're also looking into the possibility of coagulation problems. I had/have mycoplasma fermentans. I've no idea what kind of mycoplasma you've been afflicted with, but wish you well in your battle against it. I'm a family physician, and I'm still trying to sort out what to do for several of my patients, though I've seen many recover, praise the Lord. I'll be interested to hear what your doc recommends and how you fare. If you'd prefer not to share such private information on the net, you may contact me at mail4sujay at yahoo dot com. Whatever you decide, we'll be rooting for you.

    Best wishes,