Madwolf, thank you so much for the great info

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    Sorry for the delay in replying. (Was gone all day and am really feeling it. Even the scooter didn't help after the first 3 hours -- I am in serious pain, with spasms in the shoulder/neck areas and upper back and even my quads. I plan on a lengthy soak in an epson salt bath before bed.)

    Over the years, since that car crash in 1992, I believe I may have had at least a couple of the "tests" you describe, but was so stiff and in so much pain head to toe that I guess that is why all the docs I have seen so far have all stated in their reports that "patient used good effort" in trying to comply with requested movements. I never really gave it much thought at the time. Nothing specific was ever mentioned about the term "malingering", so I guess that was why I thought it related only to my work ethic.

    I wonder if the decriptions given by my massage therapist can now be considered "objective evidence"? She is very detailed in how she describes the way my muscles present at each appointment and notes the heat she feels when touching an affected muscle group and that the muscles themselves "feel hard like cement".

    BTW, don't worry -- you will never be thrown out of OUR club! You're definitely a "keeper". :-D

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    Thank you very much, I learn a lot from reading your Post's, it's nice of you to take the Time to help us too.