Madwolf---Twitching toes: Do you see this often??

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    I know many of us here have written about the neurological aspects of these diseases. My main issue these days is neither pain nor fatigue, but twitching muscles, and also twitching toes, fingers----almost a tremor-like thing, very visible, very unsettling, because it's as though my foot can't ever relax, which makes me unable to really relax. Really interferes with sleep, but other tasks as well.

    I have had a tendency toward this for the 4 years of FM; it tends to come & go. Have been tested for Parkinson's, MS, lyme, etc. more than once in that time---negative. Just seems to be part of the whole FM package for me.

    Definitely feel like there's a "short" in my nervous system wiring that wasn't there before. Worse lately.... I am hoping to see improvements overall in FM due to addressing recently dx'd food allergies with diet, supplements, but the twitching toes, fingers, tingling worse....I take 500 mg. magnesium daily (any more than that & I have the runs).

    If you have the time to respond, I'm just wondering how often you see these neuro symptoms (twitching, tingling) in your practice of treating FM/CFS patients. Do you have patients that list this stuff as some of their toughest issues? My pain/fatigue always more manageable than this stuff!

    Thank you so much for your time on this board, as both a sufferer & healer,
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    Thank you for your response. I have a doctor visit next week, will ask about neurotransmitter problems....