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    the post you mentioned "Anyone see themselves in this story?"

    You seem to be the resident expert on cortisol levels. I'm having a fasting blood corisol level done on Tuesday, so I'm trying to get a grasp on what the results will mean. I have FM, not CFS. It's all pretty confusing.

    I fly off the handle in a heartbeat if I'm not taking my Paxil. Does being on the Paxil negate that symptom of low levels? It's now 4:45 AM and as usual I'm wide awake. Don't start feeling even remotely human until late afternoon, early evening. It seems I've always been that way though - backwards biological clock. But then, I've had inherited FM all my life.

    If the blood cortisol level test and the ASI show the same thing, do I need to take both? I just e-mailed Dr. Poesnecker for info on ordering the ASI test kit but if I only need the blood test (which I hope insurance will pay for), I won't bother.

    If I do need Cortef, it will be interesting to see if my doctor will give it to me, from what I've read here. Also, just in case, can Cortef be obtained in a generic?

    If I come to Florida, can I have an appointment with you? HA! Not a chance - Texas is hot enough.

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    from Florida? I thought he was in Washington State.

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    in wash state
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    It's Klutzo who's in Florida, right? Hey, it was 4:00 AM!

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    That was my post you are looking for , and it should be in the archives here. Just go to the top of the page and type it into "Message Search" or type my screen name in....that would be a long search though to go back that far. Maybe a search for "adrenal fatigue" would bring it up quicker, since I mention that in the post. I JUST FOUND IT AND BUMPED IT UP FOR YOU.
    I am in Florida, though I wish I weren't. I came here because the doctors said I had to, and have hated it ever since. But,I met my husband here, and I love him, and his job is not portable, so here I am, living inside a steaming sauna full of bugs and rednecks. I am a four season lady and I miss long walks outside at night in the cold and autumn leaves so badly I could cry.
    Madwolf is in Spokane, Washington, which is almost on the border with Northern Idaho. One of my favorirte places....wish I could trade with him.

    First, I am not sure that CFS and FMS are different illnesses, just different stages of adrenal fatigue in people with different genetic pain thresholds. I may be all wet on that though.
    Second, my first blood cortisol test was normal but my first ASI was very abnormal, so they don't always correlate. Most alternative practitioners feel the ASI is far more accurate.

    A backwards biological clock is considered to be a symptom of adrenal fatigue. People with adrenal fatigue typically feel best after 6 pm. Some doctors I've read feel this is due to a high spurt of cortisol around 6 PM, which makes us feel alert, but then keeps us awake. Ironically, taking a small dose of cortisol in the morning seems to re-set this clock, though my doctor refuses to let me try it, based on my current, normal ASI.

    If Paxil fixes your problem, then it may be that like me, you have severe serotonin deficiency. You won't know for sure until you get your ASI results, whether it is an adrenal problem or if it may be a Neurotransmitter problem. My doctor believes the adrenal and other glandular problems are caused by the long term neurotransmitter problem. Look up some of the posts on "Neurotransmitters" for info on that and how to test for it and treat it. I have just started treatment for this. The treatment would require you to slowly taper off the Paxil. Drugs like Paxil temporarily increase your serotonin, but deplete it even more in the long run.

    I do think Cortef can be obtained in generic form, as hydrocortisone, but Madwolf could answer that better than I can. BTW, he is usually not around here on weekends, so you may have to keep bumping your post up until Monday.

    Please let us know your ASI test results. Depending upon the stage of Adrenal fatigue, you may have very low cortisol like Madwolf does, or it may be very high if you are in an earlier stage. You can read up on this at Dr. Poesnecker's site, or the site of Dr. Bruce Rind......just click on the Selye Table of Low Metabolic Energy States and you can see the stages at a glance.

    I hope this will help until Madwolf gets here,

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    I understand better now. I will go ahead and get the ASI from Dr. P. then. I've been a night owl for most of my life (except when the fatigue from daily life was so great, and then I had insomnia & woke up all the time). Also, my rages were legendary before diagnosis and antidepressants, back in '77. Been on Paxil (150 mgs) forever. I actually like it now that I can accommodate being a a night owl - no phones ringing, husband in bed, peace and quiet. But still, if there are things I absolutely have to do in the AM, I'm not up to it. And there are some things that you just can't do in the dark! (I've been known to plant flowers at 2:00 AM)

    I so appreciate everyone's help. Can't wait to start getting test results.