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  1. judywhit

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    I know you are on plaquenil and was wondering why you put yourself on it? what symptoms does this drug treat? Doc put me on 200mg 2xday. I have neg ana, high sed rate and inflamation with edema. He has never tried any other anti-infl drugs. I do have ulcer perhaps this is why. The side effects of this drug scare the bajebbers (cool word!) out of me. Would like your input and personal experience with this drug. Thank you again for your assistance.
  2. kadeedidit

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    Plaquenil is used for lupus. It scared me to but I took it for 6 months and it done nothing for the fibromyalgia or lupus. It can have a bad affect on your eyes and I had to have mine checked before starting it and a few months into it. They took me off of it because it was doing nothing. Its an old anti-malaria drug......You know if theres anything out there that helps with hair loss caused by lupus or anything that will stop any of this from progressing??? I've about had it with doctors. They don't know what to do for anybody.
  3. judywhit

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    You know my doctor told me nothing about the side effects. Did not take blood, nor get eyes tested. Nothing! I am looking forward to hearing what Madwolf says about it. If it were not for the internet and this site I would be in the dark about this med. I cannot help but think that he would not watch me for any side effects if non of the above precautions were not taken beforehand. Thanks for the response. Sorry for you with the hair loss. I have no suggestions ;(
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    ive been on plaquenil for 16 yrs for lupus.have never had any side effects from it. it can cause you to go blind. its very important to have your eyes checked every 6 mon.

    good luck
    kathy c
  5. judywhit

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    I am not going to go on this drug after doing research over the weekend. I have not seen a rhummy yet for this fms- Appt in May. I will wait till then to speak with her about it. I love my family doc...but he is alittle odd at times. Told me that elevil (which an fms specialists has me on is like poison)Also will not give me water pills but hands the pain pills out like candy. Great old guy but just not comfortable with some things. He put me on 20mg oxycontin (time released) 2xday plus more drugs for break through pain. That oxycontin is wicked!!! took for two days as directed and felt like taking my car and driving off a cliff. So depressed! Again, thank you Madwolf for your take on this drug.
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    I've been on it for two months (scleroderma). In addition to eye exams twice a year I take monthly blood tests for liver and kidney function. Anyone on this drug needs to monitor liver and kidneys. Above posts are all true, antimalarial, antimicrobial, used to treat autoimmune diseases. Good luck

  7. kadeedidit

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    Just how concerned should a person on plaquenil be about the eye problems it can cause? It has something to do with a fluid build up that they told me could usually be reversed by taking the patient off the med. They gave me the chose to go off of it and I did because I couldn't see where it was helping BUT I only took it a few months. Would I have even noticed a difference in how I was feeling by then? I know some meds have to build up in the blood before you ever see any results......Thanks, KADEE
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  8. bre_ann

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    and told her it could take up to 6 months to begin working. She is really hurting so I hope it helps her quicker than that!
  9. kadeedidit

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    My rhuemy just put me back on plaquenil. It does take months for it to build up in the you won't see much results from taking it for quite some time. I don't wanna take it but I don't really know of anything else out there that can help. She tried to put me on prednisone and I said nope. I don't want steroids. She said it would just be low dose......5 mg......but thats gonna be a last resort for me. I'll take the joint pain, fatigue, and whatever else comes before I take that stuff.
  10. KathiM

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    Hello everyone........

    I have been miserable and in pain.....joints and extreme muscle weakness. Sed Rate is up to 70......but ANA is negative for anything.

    Rhuemy decided to try the plaquenal 200 mg 1x day along with a medral dose pack 4 mg ....... I have been on both for 4 days and the pain has definately improved........I know it is the prednisone kicking in but gotta do what I have to do to get walking again.
    Rhuemy feels that ANA can be neg in rare cases but still have autoimmune of lupus or ???

    Just wondering if the drugs would help Fibro if that is the diagnosis also ????

    Rhuemy is seeing me again on Monday morn just to check me out so it seems that he is concerned.

  11. judywhit

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    sounds like your rhummy is keeping a close eye on you. I would not be concerened with taking the drug under a competant doctors care. I was just concerened because sometimes my country doc does not keep as close of an eye on his patients meds as I feel he should. If you can belielve this he just started carrying malpractice insurance 2 years ago! This was only after he got sued. The small rural community I live in did a fund raiser to chip in for his legal fees. I always do my homework when he gives me new meds and with the plaquenil and the major side effects I am not comfortable taking this drug under his supervision.
    I am sorry for your pain. I cannot imagine a sedrate of 70! Mine is 25 and I am in pain a bunch. I also have neg ANA. Doc thinks I have acute inflamatory disease along with the fibro. Keep us posted. I hope someone will answer your question abot the fibro and plaquenol. I am curious about this too. Perhaps our docs prescribed this to us because of the sed rate. You can always try and post an SOS for Madwolf. Actually duh....he is on it and has fibro.
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  13. judywhit

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    My initial question was to him and he answered. He will not read this again so bumping will not get his attention. I went over his answer to me again and this quote might be of help with your fibro answer "Plaquinel has antomicrobial properties similiar to doxycycline, which is probably why it works. Curiously, doxycycline is an excellent antimalarial as well. When I left the Navy, we were using doxy to prohpylax malaria because the recommended antimalarial (not Plaquinel)caused fine motor control problems, the last thing a sailor needs."
    hope this helps. Post another message for him if you need more answers and then bump that until he gets it. We need 7 Madwolfs on this board. Bless his heart. Get better Kathi and keep questioning your docs!