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    do you think it would be wrong to for me to send a stupid rhemy i saw today more info about fibro to try and help educate him?
    he tried to tell me that all the studies say that exercise help fm and nothing eles
    that now that he has confrimed i have it (even thow i was dx 4 years ago and had it most of my life!) that i will get better,
    he dosent see fm paitents he just confrims dxs and sends us on our way,
    i wanted to send him studies that yes exercise helps but also others studies like the mri and pain percibtion one,
    as a pa would yopu be offend i guess is my ?
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    Sorry, I'm not Madwolf...
    My rheumy says the same thing, that exercise is the only known treatment. He also offered me a pain killer (Ambien or Ultram?), but my shrink said I shouldn't take it because it works on the same brain receptors as alcohol. I am a recovering alcoholic, also, and have been addicted to some prescription meds as well.
    He did't say that I would get better, like your doc. He said that by exercising, I could reduce my symptoms 10-20 %.
    He said that FMS is caused by the same neurotransmitters as depression, alcoholism, is a serotonin problem.
    I think you should bring any article you want to your doctor and discuss it with him. It would be helpful to know what he thinks.
    As I sit here, totally unmotivated to move, never mind exercise. I can't get motivated to exercise because of the pain, fatigue and depression, in spite of taking meds.
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    thank you,i know that if i did not do some form of exercise everyday i wouldnt be able to get out of bed and it dose offten help but he made it sound like the only thing there was,and it is hard to find other studies about fm you have to look for them and he just didnt come off as the type,
    thanks for your help i will send him some other studies
  4. Mikie

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    Exercise helps, but it must be the right kind of exercise. When I was still very sick with not only FMS, but CFS as well, my rheumy sent me to physical therapy where I learned flexing and stretching exercises which can be done even when bedridden. They have helped me keep my strength and flexibility even during my worst flares. In fact, they help lessen the pain.

    Madwolf, I took the book, "The Nutritional Guide For Syndrome X," to my PCP who said, "I've known about Syndrome X for at least 10 years!" Well, DUH! I wonder why it didn't occur to him that my rising blood pressure and lipid profile were a direct result of insulin resistance. It's one thing to not know about Syndrome X, but it's another to not be able to connect the dots when one claims to have known about it for 10 years. I guess it's just because these docs are so busy trying to see all their patients and earn a living in these challenging managed-care times.

    I'm glad you are such a caring practitioner and are always willing to learn and apply what you find out. Your patients are lucky. BTW, after 8 days on the Suzanne Somers low-carb diet, my blood pressure went from high/normal to low/normal. My new labs came back with my cholesterol dropping from 191 to 166 since being on the diet and all my other lipids were normal. I've been eating all the meat, butter and cream I want and have lost 24 pounds. It's not the fat and cholesterol one eats; it's the carbs.

    Love, Mikie