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    You were right, there is SO much info on ADD & FM, Your my Hero!!!

    Why didn't I think to do a search on this??

    Maybe this approach needs to begin to be more publicly announced.I wonder how many people might be helped?? It's obvious that not a whole heck of alot is working now for people.

    BTW: I'm a bit curious...what's your story? Do you have FM/CFS? Is it under control?

    Thanks again...(Hope I'm not building myself up for another let down...I seem to do this well!)

    Susan B.

  2. Mikie

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    Since research is pointing more and more to our illnesses being neurological in nature, researchers are looking into all kinds of possible connections, not only to ADHD, but also to things as diverse as annorexia, bi-polar disorder, and bulemia.

    Love, Mikie
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    This is an interesting thing. I also looked up ADD and FM. I found a few interesting web sites.....didn't find a lot, but will do another search.
    A therapist I had a long time ago made an offhand comment that he thought I had ADD. I looked at the diagnosis profile, and certainly have plenty of the traits, but I wonder how many of the disorders share the same syptoms ?
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    I dunno...seems like many things may overlap but what is at the root of all this?? I guess that's the million dollar question!

    I'm reading alot of great things in the Omega3 connection, this is a great book! Talks of how you can stablize your brain with the correct dose of Omega3, diet and vitamins to protect the omaga3 once it's in your system.

    The Doc I'm seeing seems to think if the core "Brain" problems are treated i/e: ADD, depression, the FM and fatigue may go away...wouldn't that be something??!! However proper diet, vits/minerals and exercise also go hand in hand with "treating" or balancing out brain to get the energy first!!LOL!

    Have a great day,
    Susan B.
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    I will be seeing my rhuemy Wed., and will ask him about this among other things like CFS, mycoplasma