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    Hello and good day to you. I had no idea that you were a doc and an understanding one at that. To bad we don't have many here in Wisconsin. So I am going to ask you a question for piece of mind as I no longer have a doc as I have lost all faith in them. Now how can Doc's be so sure a person is fine? mine diag. me with fibro,cfs,and mps. He said that he would bet his licence on it that I have nothing dangerous like Cancer invading my body because if I did I would be dead by now seeming I have had all these symtoms for 3+ years. They did do a bone scan of my whole body, mri of my head as well as a cat scan, upper and lower gi, cat scan of my tummy area, a million blood tests as I dropped 48lbs in two months when I first got ill, and of course alot of x-ray's. So if you did all these work up's on a person would you feel good that she is in good health and has fibro? I am sorry to ask and bother you but you are very noligable. I am always sticking my nose in those damn medical books as my dream was to be a doctor but now that I am 29 that dream has faded. I also had a c-section in August of 2001 and they said that when they do a c-section they check all the surrounding orgons in that area. Is this true? Maybe I am just a parnoid freak but I know I am not the only won and an honest response will help me feel better. Oh yeh I also had a spinal tap to check whatever that checks.
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