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    madwolf hi just read the great debate you had it was very intresting and handled in the most mannerly way,but i have a question that i was left unsure of i take oxycocet and was perscribed to take 2 tabs 4xdaily then i passed out fell and dissconnected collerbone dr suggested upping to 4 4xdaily til healed the thing is i go a week and take none and just suffer it thru out of fear of becoming addicted somany drs said don't take any thing for fibro you only become addicted but suffered so bad im driving hubby and home care 89 after a year of hospital admin morphine and then sent home with it i went off it and it was hell never will go back there again . but i get no high of this med and still feel pain just makes it a little more bearable and able to get out of bed with use of walker i'm afraid what to do?i am only asking you as internet friend and not holding you liable in any way just feel so lost? EJAY