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    hi madwolf, ive never posted to you directly before but im sure youve seen some of my posts..i think that you are very knowledgable and i respect your statements..i am a nursing assistant and i have wanted to be a pa for the longest time..ok ok but on to my 22 and i am having a hell of a time finding a doctor that will treat me for the pain..i think that my age has a lot to so with first doc said that because im so young he doesnt want to start me on drugs that ill have to be on for the rest of my life(narcs)which i totally agree with him but when is enough enough,im barely working a .7 and thats hard enough :( i dont know what i need to do to get someone to help me ..i tried going to a pain specialist and he did trp injections and they just wanted me to do pt and a chronic pain program for 4 weeks everyday!!and again noo meds..i feel like ive tried everything except for some of the usual ones i see people taking here like the klonopin and soma,i mention those drugs and its like because the doc didnt think of it then no i cant have it..,nothing otc works for me at all ,i get chronic headaches(dx as occipital neuralgia)and the only thing that works is percocet,,ive tried tradzadone and other muscle relaxers ,amytriptyline,tegretol i just dont know what do do now.(im not taking anything at all right now) there something that i should be doing better when i see a afraid that ill be looked at as a "doctor shopper" and since im already obviousally being viewed as a "drug seeker" im at the end.everytime i see someone(er or otherwise)i tell them everything, ive seen 2 regualar docs and the specialist and i cant find any that treat this..(perhaps you know of anyone in minneapolis?!?) well any ideas about what i can do better would be greatly appreciated.i just want my life back considering i havnt had much of one yet, thankyou.
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