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  1. teawah

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    I used to live in eastern Wa. Spokane, Tum Tum, Nine Mile Falls, Deer Park. Do you work there? How can I come to see you? can I get in on the offer? I am in Idaho now. And miserable. teawah
  2. loonie

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    Hi, teawah;

    I am a chore worker for a lady who lives near Tum Tum, and I used to live in Willow Bay before they turned it all into an RV park. Now I live near Loon Lake.

    Madwolf works in the Foundation Medical Clinic in Deer Park. It is in the building across from Yokes and behind Zip's. Johnson Hardware and the Ben Franklin store are in the same building, along with Acorn Natural Foods.

    He should be on tomorrow and he will probably be happy to have you come and see him. He's a great caregiver and I am happy to share him with everyone.

    Regards, loonie