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    I was just reading through some old messages and had to laugh at something you wrote. Someone
    was wanting a dr. to test them for mycoplasmas.
    Spacee suggested infectious disease dr.

    Your reply:

    "not a bad idea. find an ID guy who is also a DO and s/he will probably be easy to convince"

    I asked my rheumy over a year ago to run immune function tests, infections, etc. He said no and I had
    to see an infectious disease dr. Well, guess who I
    found? AN ID with a DO and he was something I cannot print here!

    I was in tears due to his insensitiveness. I went to
    him for a few months and at first he was great. Then
    I was feeling worse and worse and really just wanted
    to die. Pain from head to toe, exhausted beyond
    belief, etc. I was very well prepared. He even said he
    asked the nurse before he saw me if I had a ";packet"
    with me. He said all his CFS/FMS patients seem to
    come full of info. He asked me why I thought that was?
    I said because we are in so much pain and no one
    understands what to do to help us and we have to be
    our own advocates. Well, I digress...

    Anyway, I brought articles on mycoplasmas, brought
    the book, etc. He didn't believe in the who mycoplasma
    thing. He said if he tested everyone in the city at least
    half of them would have a positive test for this. He wanted to know why I was so adamant about the test and I said because I can't stand the pain and exhaustion anymore.

    I later left him because he gave me new meds and I was going through a terrible period and had lots
    of pain and nausea. I went to see him and he
    made fun of me in front of a med student and called
    me anxious because I had written down my
    side effects and symptoms single-spaced. THE
    PAPER was lined - I had no choice. I asked what
    it would hurt to run the test and he said it wouldn't
    change his treatment so there was no point.

    Sorry for the long post. Couldn't resist
    telling you how hard it was to convince him of

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    You will find both good and bad docs in all fields and this applies to MD's as well as DO's. Don't give up on finding a good doc. Finding a good doc is like dating; you have to see a lot of them before you find someone who works for you.

    Love, Mikie
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    My PCP moved out of my driving range recently, and I decided to chose a D.O. for my new PCP for exactly that reason....I thought they were more open to new things. I also chose a young, female one, thinking she would know something about FMS and be sympathetic to other women. Wrong. She will not even look at articles I bring her. She will let me have any lab tests I want as long as the lab she is affiliated with will run them, which is why I could never get a T3 or testosterone level, or CRP.
    So, now I go 1 1/2 hrs. each way to a holistic M.D. in another city. My hubby has to take off a whole day without pay each time to drive me there.
    There are tons of practitioners in my city who are unlicensed homeopaths, N.D.'s, etc. and practice alternative medicine only, but there are zero M.D.'s or D.O.'s who will write prescriptions for the natural drug alternatives, like Armour Thyroid or Cortef.
    It seems docs who practice integrative medicine are rarer than hens teeth, at least in the southeast.
    I totally emphathize with you and I hope you find a solution.
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    Thanks for your post. It made me smile! Unfortunately
    I am still searching in both areas! Being sick night
    and day and staying in bed doesn't help either of these situations. Just wanted to say thanks for the laugh.
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    It seems it is easier to find losers! Actually, the thing that really bothers me is that other than his refusal
    about the mycoplasma testing and treating me
    terribly, I thought the was the smartest doctor
    I had ever seen. The thought of setting foot in his
    office makes me shudder. Do you think I am stupid
    not to go to him? I really think it is important to have
    a good relationship with a dr. My rheumy is nice enough and will give me most anything I ask about.
    It's just that I am the instigator and I have to be
    the one who tells him what to do. That is fine since
    I do a lot of research, but I wouldn't mind finding a dr
    who knows at least as much as I do! LOL

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    Thanks for your reply. I always want to find a D.O because I think they would be the best of both worlds.
    I used to see a wonderful Nurse Practitioner who knew more than many drs. I have seen. I loved her to death
    and she really really cared. She then had her facility
    closed down (hospital budget). I have now changed
    to a young woman PCP. I have seen her twice.
    She treats me like a piece of furniture. No emotion at all in her. I have many major problemsand was so hoping to find a compassionate, caring dr. I have
    been sick for months but won't go because I have no
    strength to leave my bed and I don't care to see her.
    My gyn who was a nurse practioner is also no longer
    practicing. She gave me the name of a wonderful
    dr who just moved into town. Since I am so sick and always in bed during the day, my mother made the
    call for me. There is a 6 to 9 month waiting list but
    my gyn's recommendation I trust. My mother said
    the dr's husband took the call and was the nicest person she has evern talked to in her life. She told
    him I have FMS and he told her it is a very difficult
    disease and to be very understanding of supportive
    of me (which she is). My mother loved him so much
    she put herself on the list, too! LOL I am hoping that
    she will be helpful an open to new options. I also hope
    that I am able to go when the time comes! I willl force myself.

    I don't drive and if I go out of town I would have to get my uncle or some busy friend to take me. I am happy you
    found someone to help you. Thanks for your support.