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  1. Mrs. B

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    "That would be like saying that some who drink milk go on to develop congestive heart failure, therefore we should ban milk. "

    I copied the above statement from one of your posts. It just kind of made me think twice because of an article I just read this morning. I'd like you to read it too if you have time but, I must give fair warning that if you read other things on this sight you might not want to drink or eat any dairy ever again. The site is called not milk and the article is down the left side listed under heart disease.

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    I just went to that web site. HOLY COW!!! (No pun intended)
    Makes me feel kind of sick after just having a big bowl of cereal with milk. YUCK!!
  3. Mrs. B

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    My step dad read some of it and got rid of all dairy products in his house. I knew things weren't as sanitary as we are supposed to believe but, after reading the one entitled pus and and several others as well as the cruelty to animals I did decide to try to go dairy free for at least a week and see if I notice a difference. This is just my second day though. My oldest brother drinks about a gallon and a half of milk a day and rarely drinks soda or other fattening foods. His is VERY overweight and has horrible allergies. So, I do believe at least some of what I've read there but, I've haven't verified any of their documentation. Sometimes though, ignorance is bliss. :)

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    hope you enjoyed the long weekend Madwolf. :)

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    Respectfully waiting and hoping for an opinion.