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    To get the starter started :) you need the following:

    1 gallon wide mouth jar. Target has them.

    add starter kit
    1pint yogurt
    1 quart kefir (I don't know where you buy this except Whole Foods. Maybe
    a health food store) Check on this before you order
    1 pint whole cream

    Mix together and leave out at about 80degrees for 10 days. I don't know if a lid should be on or off.

    At the 5th day you can begin using it. Take 2.5 ozs daily with food. Add 1 teaspoon of olive oil or flax seed oil.

    At the 10th day refrigerate.

    I do not know how long this will last you. It doesn't say on eBay. And someone
    posted that Dr. Enlander says that if you have autoimmune problems, you
    should not take this.


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    Thank you Spacee for posting the details and recipe. I really wanted to try this but I think I am one of those who has autoimmune issues. I had genetic testing and it showed I had some kind of unidentified autoimmune disorder. When the CFS patients in Norway responded to Rituximab, I thought maybe the "unidentified autoimmune disorder" was connected to my CFS.

    I'll be watching for the results other patients have with this now that it will be more readily available for more patients to try.
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    So many of us with immune illnesses go on to also get autoimmune disorders. The autoimmune illnesses can come on very slowly and it can take years to get them diagnosed, even with testing. So, we can have autoimmune illnesses and not be aware of it.

    Love, Mikie
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    Dr. E uses Hepapressin with his patients

    And Dr KDM uses Nexavir.

    These are prescriptions. Hepappressin is Dr. E's own formula that he
    came up with when Kutapressin was no longer available. It might
    be difficult to tract down. His office used to give out the name of
    the compounding pharmacy in NYC that made it for him.

    Nexavir can be obtained by rx IF your personal doc is willing to rx it.

    Sadly, I don't know where you get it. I used to order Kutapressin from
    a compounding pharmacy years ago.

    Kuta used to be about $150 a vial for 20 injections. Pricey and I imagine
    that these two meds are pricey also.