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    OK, I know that I talk a lot about Lyme, cuz of my son's firm dx and the fact that his own symptoms mimicked my own, and the fact that the marshall protocol is helping me...


    and since so many of us find that magnesium helps us with pain and sleep... is this part of the puzzle falling together???? I have read elsewhere that nutritional deficiencies are usually/often the end result of a disease process.

    this is from lymeinfo.net/magnesium.html
    (I believe the site is ok to post since it is not a commercial site)

    "Magnesium malate has been promoted for people with fibromyalgia to help break up lactic acid that seems to be part of the fibromyalgia picture."
    - Dr. Carolyn Dean, The Miracle of Magnesium

    "Many Lyme disease patients experience symptoms that mimic magnesium deficiency. In 2003, a case report of magnesium deficiency with Lyme disease was reported in the Magnesium Research journal. See here. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency include muscle cramps and weakness, pain, fatigue and insomnia, confusion, heart problems and stress intolerance. Magnesium plays a very important role in energy production.

    "Magnesium deficiency is common amongst Lyme patients and also in the general population. The deficiency is often missed by physicians due to the reliance on serum tests instead of the magnesium levels within the red blood cells as well as signs and symptoms. To further complicate matters, the antibiotics used to treat Lyme disease can deplete magnesium and other important nutrients.

    "After an extensive review of the literature, Marnie at online forums has proposed the following treatment for chronic Lyme patients:

    - Magnesium Malate, approximately 200mg 6 times a day (every 2 hours).
    - Sublingual B6, approximately 12mg with each magnesium dose.
    - Selenium, approximately 12mcg with each magnesium dose.

    - An immune booster such as "Host Defense" or beta glucans.
    - Multiple vitamin and mineral supplementation
    - A good alkalizing diet

    The dosing schedule is based on Dr. Valetta's protocol. Marnie writes,

    "'In 2001, an Italian, by the name of Valletta got a U.S. patent - # 6,248,368. It is titled: Magnesium for autoimmune. Valletta used Mg pyrophosphate and sub. B6 to cure RA, ulcerative colitis and INVASIVE CANCER in 6 months time. The turning point is 3 months (perhaps because of the AVERAGE normal cell lifespan?). It is the TIMING that is absolutely critical! Higher levels must be maintained for several hours per day, due in part to our body's constant attempt to regulate the acid-base balance (kidneys) perhaps.'

    "Pills for the B6 and selenium will most likely need to be split, as it is difficult to buy those dosages."

    And granted - there could be OTHER stealth pathogens that use magnesium, it may not be 'just' B. borrelia/Lyme!!!

    Hope you find this as fascinating as I do, I couldn't believe this when I read it!!!

    all the best,
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    I've been taking the mag/malic acid. I wonder if I've been taking enough. How much do you take Victoria? or your son

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    as it takes time to convince him about supplements...

    sigh, he is 18...but he will definitely be taking it REALLY soon, I can tell you!

    For me it is more difficult to try, because of the protocol I am on... experimental protocol and all, you know.

    all the best,
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    I've been taking it since reading about it here, but have had no relief in the muscle pain whatsoever. (thank the Lord, I don't have fibro fog -- haven't for years now.)

    I'm thinking maybe the dosing needs to be really high, or administered by IV, for some of us chronic folks.
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    I'm diagnosed with FM/CFS and magnesium helps me especially with tight muscles and relaxation problems.

    Some people do need IV magnesium. I think some docs give "myers cocktails" to help.


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