Magnesium Injections?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Dented, May 17, 2006.

  1. Dented

    Dented New Member

    In an effort to find a balance between conventional and natural treatments for my pain, I went to a "doctor" who prescribed weekly Magnesium injections. Has anyone heard of this before or tried them? If yes, did you not any success or improvement?
  2. horselover2

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    they do help with muscle pain, but they can be painful. is the dr. giving them to you? i used to give them to myself, it really wasn't too bad. i do other injections now, b-12 and nexavir, so i laid off the mAG SHOTS, BUT TRY THRM, THEY DO SEEM TO HELP
  3. CAAnnieB

    CAAnnieB New Member


    My Dr. has prescribed Magnesium (2cc)/ Lidocaine (1cc) injections once a week for me. I've been doing them (as well as B-12 injections) since January.

    Magnesium is supposed to help with pain & Migraines. I initially had a reduction in pain, but am now flaring due to the entire Chlamydia Pneumoniae treatment I'm on. BUT...I have had a substantial reduction in my Migraines since January! Is it the Mag. injections or a combo of my new supps/ meds? Can't say for sure! I suspect the Magnesium has helped reduce my headaches.

    The Mag. injections are kinda painful. I give them to myself. My buns are getting very sore from all the injections! (I was doing 3 B-12's a week!)

    Now, I'm doing sublingual B12, so I just need to do the once a week Magnesium injection.

    I'd give it a try if I were you! From what I've been told; you can't "OD" on Magnesium!

  4. urmiladd

    urmiladd New Member


    I had Vitamin C and B injections only. And even though I was assured of the positive effects and it was meant to give some strength and help the body, I felt terrible with it. My whole system got out of balance again and I had a total relaps. The little improvement I had before was gone and I was bed-ridden again for several days. This happened three times. To me it seemed that the injections were too intense for the body; too much to deal with at once. Still in principle I think they are good. I want to give it one more try.


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