Magnesium & malic acid - good for carers too!!!!!

Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by annee, Feb 27, 2002.

  1. annee

    annee New Member

    I started on magnesium & malic acid about three weeks ago.
    My old energy levels are returning (no more running on empty!!).
    My coping abilities have increased.
    My caring capacity has also returned with a 500% improvement.
    I am so levelled out at present - it is ridiculous. But I must tell you - I was a bit of MESS.
    GB had to care for me briefly (deep down I think this is what I wanted!!!!!).
    Now I am back to my old self - AND MORE!!!!!!
    Look out GB, I'm coming to getcha!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Pixie

    Pixie New Member

    Thanks for sharing that, this is what we need, seems all on board are sad, run down, etc, wish I could take this and have heard of it before, but I am on a research program for arsterprosis and not allowed to take anything, not that I need to, but if I keep going like I do, soon will, my energy level use to be great, everything was fast, challenging mabe, and now things are getting to me, like its too much to cope with, and there are days I feel like running, just get in my car and go some where, anywhere, but who would look after my girls and mom, before my husband died, his doctor told me to get away even for a few hours, then come back, and that I would be able to take care of him better, I was able to do that once in a while, but with my daughters, grandkids, and my mom, there is too much envolved to get away, and the few times I do, the whole time they are in my mind, do they need me, are they sick and can't make something to eat for themselves, do they need me to pick up kids, or a perscription, or they would like to be here, they would like this resturant, or this park, the food i'm eating would be good for them, always feel guilty for having a good time, or for leaving them just in case they need me, do any of you feel this way?
    annee, I did not mean to get off on all this, back to what you have posted, wish I could try this and will look into it for willow, she is on the quaifenisen, and other meds, so will have to look at that also, I do look faward to your post, and please go easy on GB, HA HA
  3. billsma

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    I read your post about always feeling something might be wrong, will they eat etc etc. It has been sd that I'm a control freak but I think what it is is that I have been put in the position or put myself in the position for so long that you're used to doing everything for them it becomes a habit. I too get so tired & want a life of my own but old habits are hard to break. I think it would take us time to get used to it if all of a sudden we had a free life for ourselves.