Magnesium Matters

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    Just reading my most recent Alternatives newsletter from Dr. David Williams and he had a section on magnesium matters.

    He listed how much everyone SHOULD get daily from age 1 to elderly. He says all adults should get 500-750mg daily, I get some days more than 750...and he said Spread Thru the Day...

    Talked about how wheat "was" high in magnesium and MANY of us now avoid wheats, plus they are all refined and processed...

    All nuts are a good source of magnesium.

    Talks about insomnia, depression, leg cramps, restlessness all linked to magnesium deficiency.

    I get MORE magnesium daily than my calcium intake, I've read about that for years....

    Magnesium deficiency is huge in our population.

    Oh also he said cravings for sweets and chocolates, etc indicate a
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    Whole wheat is a good source of magnesium, pity so many people have been put off eating wheat by the recent misguided faddy eating campaign.

    It's better to get magnesium directly from natural food sources rather than man made "out of a bottle" processed types.

    Good sources of magnesium - some beans, peas, nuts, seeds, whole unrefined grains, fruits, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes to mention but a few.

    Magnesium deficiencies is only a problem for those people who refuse to eat a healthy diet or are too ill to prepare a proper meal for themselves, the latter often need help from other people to prepare & feed them healthy food.
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    that those with chronic depression are almost sure to be deficient in magnesium and that MOST docs in our country wouldn't even go to the magnesium deficiency as a major cause of so many health problems....they go right for the drug book pads...

    He says that about only 1% of the magnesium found in the body is in the bloodstream at any one time, so accurate testing for the mineral is difficult....this is very interesting...

    I've been dosing for a LONG time and will never stop, I spread my mag thru the day.
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    it's an awareness many are highly allergic to wheat and if they have a gluten intolerance or celiac they are in real trouble...I avoid wheat as much as possible.

    A friend tells the story about her 30something yr old grandson who was FINALLY dx'd with celiac and now off all wheat and he's 100% healthier and gained weight he needed to gain since the wheat was playing havoc with his body. <br

    Also, it would be great if our foods today were not compromised with
    all the pesticides, unless one eats all organic foods....I attempt that
    a lot, but often go to the conventional market and buy conventional foods with all the added wonders from the bottles and sprays.

    Supplements are just that to supplement the void from what are foods
    do not give us and how many on this earth take time to really eat
    all the best foods available, then there are the children in this fast paced world.....

    Just like potassium, we cannot get enough to be of optimal health with the potassium foods, there is so little in them....unless one wants to eat lbs of bananas a day. I supplement with potassium too for more energy.

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  5. IanH

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    However, in some illnesses, such as ME/CFS low magnesium is a problem not always corrected by diet alone. In FM muscle cramps are a serious symptom not corrected by diet alone and one of the best ways of reducing those cramps is with magnesium dosing. These supplements, like magnesium are not really being taken as a food, more as a medicine because you are dosing above the normal physiological requirement.
  6. jaminhealth

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    I catch part of a health program on saturdays and it's
    conventional med driven...a man called in with a lifelong
    constipation issue...this man obviously does not know about
    magnesium and the benefits for constipation.

    The MD and commentator talked about the 3 drugs this
    poor man can get from his MD's....

    The MD did mention more fluids into the upper GI tract but
    magnesium never mentioned, of course....

    Again, I was about screaming...those conventional MD's...and their lack of knowledge on alternatives to health.........grrrr
  7. LadyCarol

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    jam, which form of magnesium do you take ?

    Have you found it helps contributes towards improved sleep quality ?
  8. jaminhealth

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    Magnesium Ultra which has 3 forms of mag, oxide/citrate/taurinate...

    Mag keeps me calm thru the day and could help with
    sleep....I take mag thru the day. And I'm not groggy
    or sleepy, etc...

    I mentioned to you I take a sleep combo which I start taking at 7PM to ready my body for sleep....I have to go out tonight
    and I'll take my first couple items with me so I can start
    on that 7PM routine while i'm out.

    Most nights I sleep so good, last night a good 10 hrs....the night before a little fitful starting at 5AM, that's when I pop a Calms Forte to get back to way do I want to get up at body is not ready for that.

    Since I sleep so good all night, I never nap during the day,
    no need....
  9. LadyCarol

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    Thanks jam, I found Mag. Ultra with 4 forms of Mg (magnesium malate, chelate, oxide, taurinate ), is that a newer version of the one you're taking ?

    In the UK the EU have made it much harder to purchase supplements like the above from a shop/store or UK based online store. People have to purchase from the USA which of course means products take longer to arrive and postage adds a lot to the price. Most of the Mg available in stores is Mg Oxide although it's possible to get Chelated Mg but it tends to cause gut issues for some people so dosage becomes limited, fine for constipation though.
  10. jaminhealth

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    I missed it as it was on the same line as it
    does have 4 forms.

    I didn't realize you were in the UK....we're forever being
    threatened to take away our supps....hope that never
    happens in my lifetime....we keep fighting "them"...
  11. LadyCarol

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    There was a huge campaign to protect supplements in the UK but the EU bureaucrats thought they knew best. A lot of companies have had to reformulate many of their products whilst others now source directly from elsewhere. There is still plenty of choice but some popular products and combinations have disappeared. However, companies have been innovative and produced some new products to comply within the EU regulations.