Magnesium Matters

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    Just reading my most recent Alternatives newsletter from Dr. David Williams and he had a section on magnesium matters.

    He listed how much everyone SHOULD get daily from age 1 to elderly. He says all adults should get 500-750mg daily, I get some days more than 750...and he said Spread Thru the Day...

    Talked about how wheat "was" high in magnesium and MANY of us now avoid wheats, plus they are all refined and processed...

    All nuts are a good source of magnesium.

    Talks about insomnia, depression, leg cramps, restlessness all linked to magnesium deficiency.

    I get MORE magnesium daily than my calcium intake, I've read about that for years....

    Magnesium deficiency is huge in our population.

    Oh also he said cravings for sweets and chocolates, etc indicate a magnesium deficiency.

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    Here's an article from Livestrong. Magnesium tends to give me loose bowels and I have to be careful on that the article talks about that and more.
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    many or some take mag to bowel tolerance, for me I would rather loose bowels than constipation which has been an issue for me all my life....
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    UNlike for diarrhea! I take the Angstrom Mineral ionic liquid magnesium because it won't give you that troublesome side affect!!! You can order it online and it gets delivered in a snap. Love this stuff!