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    has anyone used magnesium oil or spray for pain. I"m thinking about trying it.I"ve been having severe pain from my tailbone area up my spine. my skin feels so hot I can hardly stand it. my husband took me & bought me a new chair, but it doesn"t seem to be helping that much.I just need some relief from this pain. thanks Sixtyslady.
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    Several weeks ago my back started to go out on me, I could tell it was goign to be bad and was planning to start ice and advil for several days, probably a week at least and then I remembered I had magnesium oil and applied 2 or 3 times taht night and the next morning it was 80% better. Nothing has ever done that before.

    My brother-in-law had amazing results using it on his knees which were both very painful.

    The only thing to be aware of is that it is very drying to the skin. If you have a cut on your skin it will sting, but that will go away. I've read it's good to rinse it off after 20 minutes or so, alhtough I didn't do that. But after several days of using it, it can dry your skin and start to sting.

    Anyways, it's definitely worth a try. I kept using it for several days on my back and it just continued to improve. It was great.

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    does help with pain. a lot. i also have lower back pain. a herniated disc. has given me trouble for years and years. i've been applying the magnesium oil directly to the area. was quite remarkable the improvement i felt very quickly. i'm continuing to use it.

    also benefits seem to be spreading to hips and groin areas--walking has been painful and difficult for me increasingly last several years. i am experiencing more ease of motion and less pain when i walk. can stand and sit more easily without all the pain and stiffness.

    i highly recommend everyone try the mag oil. don't take supplements, either. use the mag oil which you apply topically.

    good luck- sascha
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    thanks for the replys ,I"m going to order some this evening. I just can"t take the pain anymore. I"ll let you know how it works .Thanks Sixtyslady