Magnesium supplement and surgery ????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by enivalorac, Dec 23, 2002.

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    After reading all the posts here I started taking a magnesium suppplement as well as a Vitamin B complex supplement. However, I remeber reading on one of the posts that some one who was taking magnesium went in for surgery and had to stop for two weeks before the operation ... sorry , Too fogged up at moment to find that post ... Just wondered why this was?? does it cause any complications?? I am going in hospital middle part of January and wondered if I should stop the magnesium ?? ((((Carol)))
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    Hi Carol. I wrote that post. I had a hysterectomy last month and the doctor told me to stop all supplements two weeks prior to surgery. I was still able to take vitamins though. I don't know why. I received a package of information from the hospital before I went in with instructions and that was one of them. I would check with your doctor. Maybe it depends on the type of surgery you're having. Let me know what they say!

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    Annette :)