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    has anyone heard of treatment (for fm) that includes magnesium. there is a doc in sacramento,(ca) his name is michael powell and has dedicated his practice to fm. he took off regular practice here in grass valley, moved practice to sac, (rhuemetologist) for a year to see if he could find some answers for his fm pts. i believe the meds are either i.v. or injected. i haven't been able to see him yet due to cost. he doesn't take my insurance...go figure. i probably should put him on the doc referral list..anyway i wonder if anyone has heard of oral treatment w/these minerals?
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    Years ago Dr David Dowson in the UK did a double blind trial using magnesium injections, this was for CFS but many patients had muscle pain and fatigue.

    The placebo group showed a lower response than normally allowed for in the placebo effect.

    80% of those who received magnesium injections experienced improvements, some of them quite marked.

    Other doctors tried to repeat these figures but did not succeed. At this time the definition for CFS in the UK had become so broad almost any problem involving fatigue was included.

    I had a series and it really helped, my GP refused to continue them because I did not recover completely. I've been trying oral supplements since then but none have worked like these injection.

    I was given them intramuscularly in the thigh. The first one was given in my arm, it was agony and I could not lift it until the next day, nurse had got it wrong.

    If your muscles are abnormal you may find they hurt but it does wear off over time.

    Get the doc or nurse to inject the fluid slowly, believe me it will make a difference as to how much they hurt. My e.m.g.s have shown inflammation, if yours aren't inflammed the injections might not hurt quite so much.

    If you are offered intramuscular magnesium I think you should seriously consider accepting. I also had IV vits but was limited to just a few due to history of anaphylactlic shock following earlier drug IVs, he did not want to take the risk.

    I had low magnesium red blood cell levels for years that did not change with oral supplemantation.



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