Magnesium, using a nebuliser

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    I have just been checking out DR Sarah Myhill's site in the UK. She is medical advisor to Action for ME and concentrates on a more holistic approach.

    She has devised an alternative to magnesium injections through the use of a nebuliser and is pleased with the results. This is more practical for those who are unable to attend a doctor or clinic for regular injections and/or cannot inject themselves. Less painful too because unless the magnesium is injected very slowly these injections can hurt, I know I've had them.

    She has lots of interesting pages on treatments. She also explains how saliva tests for DHEA and cortisol should be interpretted.

    On the downside she did not rate heparin, having tried this out on 4 patients with no benefits.


  2. tansy

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    and anyone else who might like to consider a different method for raising mg levels.
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    Tansy, but I think I will stick with the capsules for now.

    But it is nice to know someone is doing research and trials on magnesium for FM. Its about time.

    Shalom, Shirl