Magnesium; What kind to take? Help, need to sleep better

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by suexi, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. suexi

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    Everytime I take Magnesium for sleep, my stomach acts up. I heard glycinate is the best, but I can only take one in the morning; that's only 200 mg. If I take one more at night, I get loose stools from it. Is there a better one that anyone knows of? I keep reading that mag is great for sleep, and I desperately need to sleep better. I have tried valerian, skullcap, melatonin,...(I usually wind up having nightmares). I have tried 5 htp(doesn't do anything; I was up to 300mg a night). I have tried various teas; passionflower... I have just about given up and always go back to ativan(.5mg to 1mg). I have been taking that for so long, I would like to get off of it. I heard that benzop (can't spell it) keeps you from going into a deep sleep. Any suggestions anyone.
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  2. 69mach1

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    at night and well it doesn't do a darn thing for me on the sleep issue....

    some say it works like a charm for them...
    well goo d luck

  3. FMhurts

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    I take 1000 mgs. a day and it does help me allot.
    I take the capsul type.
    Its made my life better, with IBS, and RLS, and lower back spasms. I have been pain free from these added FM goodies.
    Since 6 months of taking it.
    the nurse who got me to take it, told me it takes 5 weeks to get it into your system, its true in 5 weeks I could tell I was better. heres a site you might want to check out[This Message was Edited on 03/07/2006]
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    My doc told me to buy the Chelated kind. Solgar makes a good one. This type is specifically good for us CFS/FM people. He says that all CFS/FM patients test very low to mag. I'm supposed to take 800mg throughout the day, not all at once.

    It definitely has helped my muscle stiffness/soreness and sleep (just not last night unfortunately). But most nights, I sleep well.

    Hope this helps,

  5. lucita2k

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    What my doctor told me is that the body can only absorb 200mg at a time, so you would have to break it down and take it throughout the day. My problem is that magnesium makes me very sleepy, so I can only take it in the afternoon, dinner and right before bed. Magnesium and malic acid are the two things that have done wonders for me. I've tried everything, anti-depressants, narcotic pain killers, etc, and none of them have worked like these two. I'm still in pain, but I can deal with it now and I'm more alert.
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    Magnesium in several different forms can have a laxative effect. Magnesium Citrate is often prescribed prior to medical exams as a powerful laxative. Milk of MAGnesia, ture to its name, is magnesium derived too.

    I've tried different forms and never really had any good luck with it. Since I've had GI issues, I don't seem to tolerate taking it as a supplement.