Magnesium, which form is best for FM

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  1. Chelz

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    I am thinking of taking magnesium again. When I was first diagnosed with FM back in 2002, I did some reasearch and found a supplement that combines Magnesium Malate with Malic Acid. This combination did help me, but only for a few years, now it bothers my stomach and just doesn't have the same effect.

    I am feeling a little overwhelmed with the choices out there, some say Magneisum Citrate, some say Magnesium glycinate. There are so many forms. I also heard of a product called Natural Calm, which is a powder you mix with warm water and heard it was wonderful. I am too confused and just wind up doing nothing about it. PS, I am SUPER sensitive to almost everything and try baby doses of anything new. What do you think? Hugs, Chelz.
  2. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    Citrate is supposed to be the most easily absorbed, malate can help with pain, but you can just take malic acid in addition to another form of magnesium if you want to try a different form & still get the malic acid

    personally I switched to citrate bc of suspected inability to absorb enough of other forms (due to leaky gut and some other issues)....and like you, I am extremely sensitive to most things.....I just started off with a very small amt and gradually increased it and have not had any problems.....I do know that if anyone takes too much magnesium when not used to it, it can act as a laxative, but starting with a small amt did not bother me
  3. rachel76

    rachel76 New Member

    Alternative doctors and site like this used to nag me about taking Magnesium BUT they would always give/recommend magnesium supplements in tablets and capsules.
    I could not digest them that way. If you have CFIDS + IBS + gut problems on top of fibro it takes a hell of a lot more energy to digest capsules or tablets then a solution or a powder that dissolves in a solution. I suspect solutions also absorb better but am not sure.

    Eventually I was given a powder of something called "Magnesium Disaporal". I think it is magnesium citrate(?). I live in Israel and I think this supplement is imported from Germany. I assume you are not in Israel or Germany so the closest equivalent to that sounds exacty like the "Natural Calm" product described. That sounds like what I would go for if I lived in the USA.
    Maybe you in the USA have other similar powdered magnesium supplements that dissolve in water which would be just as good.

    In short my advice is to avoid the tablet/pills and go for the dissolvable powder types. [This Message was Edited on 07/19/2009]
  4. natalie22

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    I've had three or four rounds of 4-6 magnesium IV treatments which a lot of people find helpful- although they are not offered everywhere. I found the treatment the kind of thing that I don't really realise is working until weeks later when I am in more pain again- so it must help! I've been told that it's really the best way for FM patients to take magnesium. My specialist also recommended taking Malic Acid in pill form along with the IV in order to help me absorb more. To decide if you need mag treatments they do what's called a magnesium load test. You collect urine for 24 hours before the IV and then in another bottle for 24 hours after. The higher percentage of magnesium your body holds onto, the more you will need magnesium IV treatment. I know that seems backward but the way they explain it is that if my body holds onto more than 20% of the magnesium IV it means I must be needing more magnesium in my system. My results varied between 35 to 55% so they gave me a bunch of IV treatments. Just a thought...
  5. cfsgeorge

    cfsgeorge New Member

    magnesium glycinate is what you want
  6. caroleye

    caroleye New Member

    I cannot tolerate any kind of oral magnesium, as it makes me sick to my stomach. Finally heard about the transdermal magnesium, so have been working with it, but I'm so overly sensitive, I have to watch how often to use it.

    Being a liquid, I just use a spray bottle & mix it with alot of water, and spray where the pain is.
    At the beginning I was doing footbaths with it and that became too much.

    I know it helps my pain; just have to watch it closely.

    At least I know I'm getting some mag.

    Another option.
  7. mezombie

    mezombie Member

    I take magnesium for my PLMD (periodic limb movement disorder). I couldn't figure out what type to take as well. Then I came across a study that compared the bioavailabity of various types of magnesium. The one that came across as the winner was Magnesium Lactate.

    It's not easy to find. I went online and came up with Mag-Tab SR, made by Niche Pharmaceuticals. I had a hard time finding it in stores nearby so ordered directly from them.

    It comes in fairly large tablets, but you could easily use a pill splitter to start with just a little.

    SR stands for sustained release, which I also think is useful.

    BTW, I ran out of it and tried another type of magnesium. The difference was noticable.

    Magnesium Lactate works best for me.
  8. jmq

    jmq New Member

    now I am really confused on which magnesium to take. I mainly need to know it has good absorbment. I guess I will have to research these suggestions and see what makes sense for me. I was just told it was needed to take with my calcium??? I take soooo many supplements that I get dizzy trying to remember what does what ....I just keep taking them ( and never catch colds or flus !! )

  9. ChuckNBerkeley

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    "Study of magnesium bioavailability from ten organic and inorganic Mg salts in Mg-depleted rats using a stable isotope approach

    Magnesium Research. Volume 18, Numéro 4, 215-23, december 2005, Original article in adult humans by Walker’s team [14], who reported that Mg is more bioavailable from Mg citrate than from Mg oxide. Firoz & Graber [25] have determined Mg bioavailability in four commercial Mg preparations - Mg oxide, Mg chloride, Mg lactate and Mg aspartate - in human subjects using urinary Mg excretion. They concluded a relatively poor bioavailability of Mg oxide but greater and equivalent bioavailability of the other three Mg salts. Lindberg [28] compared Mg citrate and Mg oxide with respect to in vitro solubility and in vivo gastrointestinal absorbability in normal healthy volunteers. He concluded that Mg citrate had better solubility and bioavailability than Mg oxide. In an old study, based on 24-h urinary Mg excretion, Morris [15] reported that Mg was absorbed to a limited extent in healthy adults following administration of Mg sulfate. More recently, the influence of three different salts at different concentrations on Mg absorption in the rat small intestine using the area under the curve as end-point of Mg bioavailability has been studied [29], where Mg absorption was shown to be most efficient from gluconate compared to fumarate or chloride forms.
    In conclusion, the present study demonstrated that all ten organic and inorganic Mg salts were equally efficient in restoring blood Mg levels in plasma and red blood cells in rats. Because of the importance of the passive process, the quantity of Mg in the digestive tract is the major factor controlling the amount of Mg absorbed. However, the organic forms of Mg, in particular Mg gluconate, seem more absorbable than inorganic salts as assessed by intestinal absorption and urinary excretion."

    Key point:


  10. CFIDSHope

    CFIDSHope New Member

    Hi Chelz,

    You might want to try magnesium glycinate since that is what Dr. Cheney recommends. I take 300mg at night and it has changed my life. Glycine is the smallest amino acid and when combined with magensium has a better chance of crossing the blood brain barrier. I also use magnesium oil.

    Good Luck,


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