magnesium which type is best?

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    hi everyone.

    i'm starting dr. myhill's protocol as soon as i get all the supplements. i already take d-ribose and acetyl l-carnitine, and have been on other componants of it in the past.

    what i was wondering is what form of magnesium is the best?
    i already take dr. teitelbaums' energy enfusion, which contains some, and i take 1200 mg of magnesium citrate to keep the system running. is this enough? and if i need another type, can it be safely added? (the mag. citrate is for severe constipation, and is the only thing that really works for me, so i need to stay on that.)

    any other tips anyone would like to share about the myhill protocol i'd love to hear!!!

    thank you all!

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    My labs show a magnesium deficiency. Big suprise, right? Anyway, doc put me on magnesium glycinate, which is new to me (never even heard of this form). Anyway, I just read on a methylation protocol thread that mag. glycinate was not the best for CFS for a reason that I didn't quite understand.

    Anyway, the last time I took magnesium citrate I got really bad nausea and intestinal cramping from a hard pressed capsule. This time the mag is in a loose powder in a gelatin capsule. I don't seem to having any discomfort with it.

    Could the hard-pressed medium be what was bothering me? Not digesting it well? Or was the form-- the citrate? or is there a carbonate form?

    Anyway, the glycinate doesn't seem to work for bowel regularity so far :( I'm going to finish it out because it was expensive (Pure Encapsulations brand-- high quality)

    So, we need your magnesium know-all, anyone?

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  4. Catseye

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    Hi frankie,

    the best magnesiums I know about and take are glycinate, taurate and malate. The Daily Energy Enfusion only has 200 mg and we need much more, probably like 600-800 in most cases. The magnesium citrate is like magnesium oxide; it's used in laxatives because it tends to pass through the body rather than be absorbed and so if you are taking 1200 mg of citrate, you're lucky if you absorb a small amount. I would add another 200-400 of good magnesium to your diet. If you take too much, diarrhea is the result so it's safe to add it. Then you can adjust to see if you feel better without worrying if you're taking too much.

    Also, maybe consider adding nadh to the protocol. It is a bioactive form of vitamin B3 which is ready for the body to use, rather than needing to be converted by the liver.

    Just FYI, here is my morning regime:

    6-6:30 awaken and take:

    Coenzyme A
    SAMe - 200 mg
    nadh - 10 mg
    daily energy enfusion - 1/4 scoop
    amino acids

    wait 45 minutes or so, then ribose

    wait 20 minutes or so, then an egg with 200 mg oil-based coq10 and vitamin B complex - both of these are best absorbed with a fatty meal like meat, egg or nuts

    I have more Dr. T powder after about an hour, but I don't like to take it after or with a protein meal because it has a good bit of minerals and they will dilute the stomach acid and make protein breakdown much more difficult.

    best wishes,

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    Hope Frankie sees this.

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    karen knows her stuff ;-) but just wanted to add that I did not do well on glycinate, finding citrate to be better for me. jsut the ususal that we all respond differently

    also spread doses out during the day, and may have to graduall build

    i try to get min 400mg, and try to eat Mg-rich foods

    Malic acid is reported to help absorption

    Best yet, for me, for getting Mg in the body - but can not always do - is much easier on stomach and seems to help with constipation, is 20-30min Mg-salt baths/soaks. if u don't tolerate Epsom salts w/sulfate, try, if affordable and in North America or wherever they ship to

    lower in sulfate vs Epsom. i have no connection with them, just happy with service and product. or possibly find similar alternative

    IM Mg shots with procaine may be best, but potential pain and cost...(but may be the way to go for some)
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    We buy the magnesium carbonate powder made by NOW foods (really cheap) and mix it in orange juice or something with citric acid. I don't break down tablets and capsules tend to get stuck in my esophagus, so this is the best way for me to get magnesium citrate. The carbonate makes it fizzy so it's fun for someone who never gets to drink a soda!

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    thank you all so much for this info. my husband is going to the health food store today, for the second time this week (bless him), and he much prefers a very specific list. so now i have specifics to give him!

    love to all,

  9. DirkP

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    are thought to be best absorbed
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    Last night my internet service went down and I lost my whole long post. I tried to reconstruct it this morning and forgot something, but when DirkP mentioned the chelates, it reminded me. Thanks, Dirk.

    The mineral supp I take, which has had phenomenol results for me, is Krebs Cycle Chelates. The minerals are chelated with amino acids and I take these all day long. They are really great. They're by Enzymatic Therapy.

    best wishes,