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  1. noraoooo

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    i have fms and found a web page about taking magnesium i tried this but when i told the consultant at the hospital was told not to take this as i could end up with toxic poisoning

  2. kch64

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    I've never heard of toxic poisoning from magnesium.

    They might have been thinking of mercury or something else and gotten it confused.

    anyone else here of magnesium being toxic?
  3. sixtyslady

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    I just started to take magnesium so I looked up how much to take daily because my regular vitamin has it. it said our bodies do not store magnesim so what we don"t use is exspelled.a sign that your taking to much is diarrhea so if this happens then cut back on the amount your using hope this helps .sixtyslady.
  4. wiki

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    It is totally stupid; magnesium can't be toxic, only if you have big problem with your kidneys. Take a look to this site written by a doctor: