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  1. Si Titran

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    I've recently read about magnesium supplements helping for FM. But in all the material's i've read it doesn't suggest a dose. I've heard that its in the higher doses that it does the most good. (or at least thats what i think i've heard). How much should I be aiming for to get results? How much is too much?
  2. slwingard

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    The mag I use comes in 300mg tabs. I started at 1 tab 2x day, and increased it by 1 tab about every week. It took me 3 tries to get to where I could stay on it because it caused an increase in my pain until I became accustomed to it. Third try I happened to have some tramadol to help get thru it. I currently take 1200mg 2x day. It cut down on my leg cramps by at least 90%. It will also help with constipation so you have to watch out with that. I have to stick with one brand, change it and I spend more time in the bathroom, lol.
  3. herbqueen

    herbqueen New Member

    Be sure to take Malic Acid ( 800 mg ) with your magnesium if you are trying to cut pain/cramps. doesn't work for everyone but offers many relief.

  4. CFIDSHope

    CFIDSHope New Member

    Hi Jaminhealth,

    Good advice to test for magnesium, but testing in the blood is not very accurate since only 1% of your magnesium stores are within the blood. I recently had a tissue test called EXAtest and I got great information about my magnesium (and other mineral levels). Medicare will pay for the test as will other insurance companies. It is very helpful to know where you mineral levels are. I have had some amazing improvements in my health since supplementing with magnesium glycinate.

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