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  1. donna2182

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    I have just bought some magnesium tablets, was going to try them but read somewhere that they have to be taken with calcium for it to work. Is that right! I might have misread the article, but just wondered.
    If you could help me that would be brilliant, thank you!

    Best Wishes,
    Donna x
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  2. Shazzy

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    Bumping this up cause i would like to know the answer to this one. Also read in the past about ZMA i think. What they stand for?


  3. gheetar

    gheetar New Member

    good morning
    two yrs.ago I had a bone scan that showed I had osteoporoses. I am 53 now.Dr. perscribed at least 600 mg. calcium,the pharmacist said better with magnesuim. I take a combination of that plus vitamin D & zinc,and I take malic acid & msm. I take these before bed(pharmacist said thats when it absorbs best) with a milk,soymilk,3 fruit(strawberries,banana,pineapple),and other good things. this is simuler to a smoothie. I make this in the morning but save a glass for bed-time. I will have another scan done in a couple of weeks. I noticed a Big difference in my skin!so has my family,I've lost the dry itchies that I have had sence '93. I hope it has made 1/2 the difference in my bones.Oh,the first yr. or so I couldn't remember to take the rx's. the last 6 mths. I've put the p.m. ones on my head board and the a.m.'s by the coffee maker. Hope this helps :)
  4. Shaylee

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    Yes magnesium and calcium should be taken together from all of my research. Magnesium cannot be absorbed without the calcium. It is a very good supplement for many things so keep taking it.


  5. donna2182

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    Gheetar, I am pleased you are improving. Thank you for letting me know, it was very nice of you,
    Take care xx
  6. donna2182

    donna2182 New Member

    Thank you very much, it is very much appreciated!
    Take care xx
  7. Annie06

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    Yes, you're right about taking the Calcium and Mag. together, but I also just found out (by my own experience) that if you take "extra" magnesium...... it helps your bowels!!!! With all the meds we have to take this was a wonderful "find"!!!! LOL Hugs to everyone!

  8. pamela

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    I thought your not suppost to take the calcium and magnesium together??? I take the ZMA at night and I thought I was told that your not suppost to take the calcium and the ZMA together...anybody have any clues on this??? Thanks Pammy
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    The ZMA bottle states that it should not be taken with calcium. I have always thought that the two should be taken together.

    I take magnesium and calcium during the daytime. I didn't take calcium with the ZMA.

    Mel, you ZMA Guru, do you have the answer?

    Love, Mikie
  10. LinnFam

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    My husband has many of his patients on a product called OxyMag. Everyone LOVES it (including us) and we can hardly keep it stocked. Yes, it's very effective in helping the bowels move.
    They all joke about how they love their "OxyMag Moments"!

  11. Mustang

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    Yes, Yes and Yes. Ive been taking Mag/with Malic acid for 4yrs and have been pain free. I do not take cal. I follow the food guidelines in the book the PH MIRACLE by Dr Young and my bone density test are that of a 30yr old, im 58.
    take 3 mag a day, the pain will go away in less than 2 mo.
    swallow it, smash it up in food. get it down.
    And to really make your life shine beyond your wildest dreams read the book 10 times and change your PH. Its very cheap and easy.Good Luck Laure