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  1. gold2k

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    I've heard wonderful things about magnesium reducing symptoms of fibromyalgia.
    Doses are high, and I was wondering what experiences others have had with this.
  2. Aeryn

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    Great stuff, specifically the ZMA (Zinc, Mag, B6) complex. Weight lifters use it to rebuild their muscles at night instead of illegal and unhealthy steriods. ZMA gets our livers to produce more growth hormone and helps keep the liver clean. We don't produce enough growth hormone because we don't get enough delta sleep (restorative sleep when the liver releases the hormones necessary to complete muscle repair). The ZMA helps correct that. It also helps people sleep more deeply.

    Do a search at the top of the page on Magnesium and ZMA, you'll get all the detail you could want.

    SNAC ZMA is cheapest since the price includes shipping and is for 90 caps over 60.
  3. Shirl

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    Hi Gold, welcome to our world. Yes, I think most research will now agree that magnesium plays a major part in FM/CFS.

    It is a mineral that we all seem to be deficient in.

    I have had wonderful results with it. But it does take time to get results, as it is not a magic bullet, and all supplements take time to work, unlike prescribed meds.

    I have been taking Pro Energy (Malic Acid and Magnesium Glycniate) for 3 years. Then I added ZMA by( SNAC co. or sold here at Pro Health) (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6) for sleep, spasms, and pain.

    Both these products are sold here, at Pro Health, just go to the 'Store' link and you can read more about them, or order if you want.

    Since taking these two products my health, concerning the pain, spasms, sleep, foggy brain, anxiety, twitches, etc. have improved at the least 80%. If you are very young, you may have more success.

    I also take another product; 'Natural Calm' by Natural Vitality. This is a powdered form of magnesium citrate, that you mix with hot water, its fizzes and taste like an Alka Selzer . I use this for break through pain, if its severe, it seems to work in a matter of half an hour. But if taken too often it will give you dirrhea.

    When I go into a flare now, it does not last for weeks or months. The worst I have had in the last year and a half, was a flare that lasted five days. Thats a tremendous improvement for me.

    All total, I am taking about 450 milligrams of these different magnesium a day. MOre if I am flaring.

    By the way, an added benefit, if you suffer from constipation (which I had very bad for years), it will keep your bowels regulated.

    If you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask.

    Again, welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl

  4. teach6

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    Like Shirl said, magnesium takes time to work, especially if you have been ill a long time before beginning on it. I was dx'd about 19 years after my symptoms began. By then I was quite depleted in magesium. I began using Magnesium Plus, 3x day, and ProEnergy, Double Strength, 6 caps a day. Both products are sold at the store on this site.

    Over a year later I really hadn't noticed any improvement, so I stopped getting the ProEnergy. After a few months of being off it I decided to add it back in and then I noticed an almost immediate improvement in my pain levels. I now suspect that I had been getting some gradual improvement from the magnesium before, but I just hadn't noticed it.

  5. endoangel

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    I have started on mega doses of magnesium through IV's and also supplements and it has helped tremendously with the pain. I have also used prolotherapy and read the book "From Fatigued to Fantastic" for added supplements. He recomends a MYERS cocktail in the book that includes magnesium. It has been helpful for me.
  6. tansy

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    I had mg injections years ago and they helped but because I wasn't instantly cured my GP at that time refused to carry on with them. Since then I've been taking mg glyconate and now ZMA. These help but no where near as much as the injections.

    Ive come across another way of increasing MG and that is through the use of a nebuliser and have just posted on this.

    Injections, IVs and the nebuliser would raise levels sooner without the diarrhea that some people experience.


  7. obrnlc

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    hi all and especially endoangel. Could you give me some specifics on the iv mag? dose, # of treatments, HOW DID YOU GET A DOC TO OK IT????????????????? i finally talked my pain doc into trying it, first had to have my serum mag level checked, then wants it given in a hospital setting while being monitored. I would love to see a protocol to show him or that he could discuss with your doctor, or read about in a journal. ANY INFO---------Please email me at Thanks, and welcome to the board--don't remember seeing your name before! Laurie