Magnetic therapy...William Philpot M.D.

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    Dr. Philpot says that magnetic fields can slow down viral replication, increase alkalinity, increase circulation and speed healing.

    Cleopatra used a magnetic necklace. The Egyptians knew a lot of things that we don't understand as of yet.

    It's important to use the North-Seeking side of a magnet. If you use a compass, opposites attract. So South attracts North. I got a big magnet from Edmund Scientifics. Refridgerator magnets generally don't work since they're magnetized as NSNSNS in a quick fashion, so their effect depth is ~1mm.

    I do sleep deeper when I use it under my pillow. My mother-in-law had terrible sleep disorders from chemotherapy, I made her a magnetic headband and she knocked out for a really good nights sleep.

    Also, for the enquiring minds. Behind the eye brows is the pineal gland. It contains magnetic crystals. Birds, bats, sharks and mantarays use this for navigation. If you use a strong magnet you can feel a push, flip the magnet over and feel a pull. Per the fossil record, the earth's magnetic field was ~5 Gauss. Today we live in a 0.5 gauss field. Perhaps at 5 gauss, we could find our way home too!

    Also, pulsed magnetic fields are of special interest. 10-13 Hertz (DC pulses/second) NO AC fields. The lymph glands start dumping and cleansing. You feel like you have the flu. Turn the machine off, drink lots of water to pee it out. Dr. Wong is a recovering FM patient and has had success at this frequency.
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    When I was first diagnosed with FM I researched magnetic therapy along with many other therapies.

    I ended up spending hundreds of pounds (about a $1000) on a matress cover & pillow pad with powerful magnets sewn in for sleeping, together with various armbands, stick on magnets etc.

    I have now had them for 5.5 years and quite honestly they did nothing for me!

    I'm glad if they work for some people but I'm sick at wasting so much money!

    I would never ignore any therapy (I think I have tried nearly all of them!) as some work for some people.

    Best wishes
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    I've been using magnets since the 80's and they are one of my best pain tools. But I tried the mattress & it was way "over" stimulating, so I couldn't use it either.

    Right now I've gathered magnetic wraps for my wrists, ankles, knees, back, head & I use the "spot" magnets when I have sciatica or any other little "hot spots" in all parts of my body. My husband, dog & horse use them as needed as well.

    If you google magnets, there are several places you can get them at a reasonable cost.

    They were a huge find for me. Just be sure to get them north facing if you decide to order any.

    HEALING LIGHT************carole
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    Since you had already spent lots of $ pounds (#?). If you have a compass, can you check it for us.

    Dr. Philpot emphasized that the polarity was overlooked by many money hungry manf. This might be what's wrong.

    Its true that magnetism doesn't cure everything. But for some ppl, it does help. I use magnets but I still have CFS. I use light therapy, TF, herbals and enzymes but I still have CFS. I think that all this stuff helps, but unless someone runs a double-blind study, who really knows.

    That's why this forum is so great. Sorry, but double-blind studies even keep M.D. from "interpreting" the results.

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