Maia's "To Make You Think And Make Y ou Smile! Be Thankful"

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    To make you think and make you smile! Be Thankful 12/13/04 10:06 AM

    After reading posts regarding the difficulties of getting through the holidays, I was reminded of a little story I thought I would share. Puts a little perspective on our problems with diseases and illness.


    There was a man who went to Jesus one day with his problems on his cross. He had so very many troubles and his cross was huge.

    The man said to Jesus, "I just can't carry this cross anymore. It is too big, and too heavy. I need you to help me somehow."

    Jesus quickly replied, "sure, I can help! Everyone must carry a cross, but I can help you to trade yours for another if you would like. Just put your cross on this conveyor belt and we will go and get you a different one."

    The man did as Jesus instructed. He put his huge cross on the conveyor. Thrilled at being able to exchange crosses he followed Jesus through a long hall and into a very big warehouse looking room. He could see crosses come into the room on the conveyor belt and workers would sort them by size and place them around the warehouse.

    Jesus told the man to pick out any cross he would like. The decision was very easy as he ran to the smallest cross he could find, standing in the corner of the room.

    Jesus was a little surprised and he said to the man, "are you sure that is the cross that you want?"

    "Oh yes!" the man replied, "why would you ask?"

    "Well, that is the very same cross that you just brought in to me!"


    As I have been discouraged about all that I haven't been able to do this holiday season, I am reminded that my cross is still very small compared to some.

    Hope this brings a little encouragement to someone and a smile on your face!


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    I have also been struggling with the issues of focusing on what I haven't done yet. Like all of us, I have my share of health issues; and a recent head injury in the form of a concussion is really slowing me down.

    I am thankful that my work is being patient with me, while I am under dr's care and can only work 4-5 hours a day.

    I'm trying hard not to stress about the fact that we are not going to have enough money to pay all of our rent next month due to my short hours.

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    That was a very nice and insightful story, for I definitely feel that my cross is getting too heavy. I am facing challenges like never before regarding health and finances and like the man in the story, would want to exchange my cross for a lighter one/or no cross at all. Thanks for that story and I pray for those needing a lifting and release of their crosses and hope others pray for me too. Hoping all of us receive the additional blessing needed during these challenging times.
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    "If everyone laid their crosses down in the town square, we each would pick our own up again." So true!