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    This is interesting, never heard that they would do this before:

    by Bryan D. Vargo, Arthritis Today, March-April 2006

    "Through rain or shine" – it's the unofficial credo of mail

    "When my joints allow" should be the credo of mail
    recipients with arthritis. A flare, surgery or a mobility limitation
    can make a trip to the mailbox feel like a trek in the Himalayas.

    There is, however, an easier way to get your mail: hardship delivery provided by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). If you qualify, your mail carrier will deliver your mail to a more convenient location, such as to your front door instead of your mailbox. There is no extra fee, but you must apply and qualify for the service.

    According to the USPS, a change in the delivery point will be
    considered if the "existing delivery point imposes an extreme
    hardship," such as a mailbox at the end of a long, steep driveway or an apartment lobby several floors down.

    The final decision is made by your local post office, which may or
    may not have the resources to fulfill your request – even if you
    qualify. But it doesn't hurt to ask. Follow these simple steps to
    get the "stamp" of approval:

    Step 1: Obtain a written statement from your doctor that lists both your medical condition(s) and the reason(s) why you require hardship delivery.

    Step 2: Submit both your doctor's written statement and a letter
    from you that also clearly cites why you need this type of delivery. The letters should be submitted together to your local post office.

    Step 3: A decision will be made by your local post office if you are eligible for hardship delivery. Decisions are made on a "case-by-case" basis, according to the USPS.

    To contact your local post office, call 800/275-8777, or visit and search using your zip code.


    Hope this helps some of us!

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    Note the part where is states...IF YOU QUALIFY.

    Our little town does NOT have home delivery of mail. Yep we must go to the post office each day to collect our mail. We have no mail carriers in our town period. So we do NOT qualify for this service.