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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Betsy2, Feb 21, 2003.

  1. Betsy2

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    I just found out that the mail order pharmacy that I use through my prescription plan charges the same amount for a 90 day supply of Ambien as they would for a 30 day supply. They claim it is because the amount they can dispense is regulated from state to state. Ok, then why don't they charge one third of the amount. My local pharmacy can give me the same amount for 20.00 less. Be forewarned. The mail order pharmacies claim they can save you money but in some cases it just isn't so. I had to learn the hard way and I don't have that kind of money to throw away.

  2. bre_ann

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    did you understand them correctly? You can get a 90 day supply for the same price as what a 30 day supply normally costs. I ordered Vioxx that way. I had to pay my $40 co-pay which is what it was for a 30 day supply at the pharmacy but I got 90 pills for that same price. So, instead of paying $40 every month, it only cost me $40 every 3 months.
  3. klutzo

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    I use only mail order online, and for the year 2000, I saved $1,200 by getting my drugs that way.
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    I am not that familiar with Ambien, to my understanding it is used for sleep..Am I correct..If it is considered a narcatic drug, some mail order pharmacies will not dispense you a 3month supply, but still charge the same amount for the one month supply..
    I do get some of my meds through mail order, but my pysch. meds I get direct from the pharmacy in my town, then I take the receipts and turn them in and get 70%back..
    There are some "shrinks" that will not even write for a 3month supply of anything, thinking that you might OD..Well in my opinion, if you took 30pills of something, it could do you in the same way 90 would - depending on the drug..
    Yes, you really have to check with all RX's and see which is cheaper..I take Tenormin for my heart rate, I always got it through mail order, until I realized I was actually paying about $2 more that way..
    Drug companies and pharmacies can really rob you these days..
    Take Care...........Donna
  5. LauraLea

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    the oppisit applies. I get a 90 day Rx via mail for the same amount the drug store charges for 30 days.

    I'm surprised at your mail order company you might want to double check...
  6. Betsy2

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    I realized after I ranted and raved most of the afternoon Friday that maybe they would just charge me 20.00 for a 90 day supply but dispense 30 days at a time. What irks me is that the gentleman I spoke to on the phone didn't even try to clarify this with me. As I was telling my mate about it when he came home it suddenly occurred to me that this may be the case. He thought so too but told me to call them and make sure before reordering. Sometimes I don't communicate very effectively myself and it hard for me to comprehend what I am being told. It is during these times I need someone else to take charge for me. However, I don't always realize that I am slipping into on these states of mind. Besides the fact that I want to be so independent. It is hard for me to accept help from others which is a not good when it comes to this DD.

  7. klutzo

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    I have used for almost 3 yrs. now. They are a RiteAid Pharmacy and excellent. You can easily figure out the website from the name.
    BTW the Canadian drugstore online is even cheaper, but it takes forever to get the drugs, the amts. are different than here, and they do not fill controlled substances.
  8. Betsy2

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    Ok, so I found out that when I order Ambien, it doesn't matter if it is a 30 day supply or a 90 day supply the price is still 40.00 each time they send me some. I asked if I could get reimbursed for the two 30 day supplies being that my state will not allow them to dispense more than 30 days at one time. They said no. I will get a new prescription when the time comes and take it to the local pharmacy where the price is 20.00 for a 30.00 supply. GRRRRR