Maine Man wins disability discrimination case for FMS

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    Morning Sentinel 8/24/06

    Jury Awards Former Cianbro Employee $747,000 in damages

    Waterville~A jury at US District Court in Bangor this week awarded a Waterville man $747,000 in back bay and damages, in what could be the largest employment disability discrimination case in the state's history.

    Ronald Harding, 59, of Upper Main Street, won the federal lawsuit against Cianbro Corp. of Pittsfield for terminating his employment because he has FIBROMYALGIA, a chronic and sever disorder of the muscles and joints.

    Harding worked at Cianbro for more than 18 years,most recently as an electrical superintendent, before he was terminated in September 2002, according to his lawyer, Jeffrey Young of Topsham.

    The effects of fibromyalgia are severe pain, muscle cramping, fatigue and sleeping disorders, Young said. It affects only 5 to 7 percent of the population.

    It goes on to add that additional damages for lost future earnings, attorney fees and interest are to be determined...

    This sure is a HOME RUN for all of us suffering...It seems to me that when people see that this man was awarded such a sum from a jury, they will now take FMS seriously...Some people only 'get it' when big money is involved...

    This is HUGE for our state of Maine...I have met so many sufferers at my support group lately and the hardest part STILL is being recognized and believed...WOOHOO!!! Believe us NOW?

    Peaceful days ahead~Alicia
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    Nancy, see if your brother can get a hold of the Morning Sentinel for today 8/24...Front page story!!!

    OUCH~ WOW is the perfect word to describe this decision...
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    for supplying the link for people to read in its entirety...

    Your brother is in NYC now?...I am from NY (Long Island)...

    I just finished writing a letter to my paper thanking this man for his courage and strength and letting him know that it was a victory for all of us...I just emailed it to them, hopefully it will be in by this weekend.

    I am also sharing this with my two local support groups, they will be delighted that our lil town got this coverage, thanks to this fellow sufferer...

    He may have gotten the monetary award, but we got the notoriaty (sp? fog)...Boy I hope the letter I wrote was good enough, I thought I was fogging bad but just had to write it...Now ,y energy is gone, siging off for now.

    Peaceful days ahead~Alicia
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    Wow mamadove, you are so right, that is great news!!

    I found the article and am passing it on to others that suffer

    God Bless
  5. kholmes

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    Great news! All of these cases are useful legal precedents for people with Fibro who will be fighting for disability in the future.

    It's also encouraging that SSDI is awarding so many more disability claims for CFS and Fibro than they were ten years ago.

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