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    i want to thank you all for your words of encouragment. i am trying to get some money together so i can go down there for the weekend. i need like $100.00, I have raised $20.00 so far. only need $80.00 more to go. they took one of her lung tubes out and , praise GOD her lung stayed inflated. yayayaya. i am so tickled. her splean had a tear in it, they did another cat scan on this monday and the tear healed on its own. she is in and out of semi-concious. they are keeping her in ( like a chemicaly induced comma) they bring her around at times so she is conunce a lot. when she seems stressed they put her out again. i want to be their so bad. i keep praying that some one will help me so i can get their.

    my neice is home ( yaho or another joyful expletive. ) her right leg is broke in several places and she has a concusion. they did surgury on thursday. they pined her leg in several places and put a rod in her leg. she will go under physical therapy for several months. they say she will never be the same again. i want to go and spend a few days with her. or even see if her dad will bring her to me. i think a few days away from home might help her and me too.

    i do apoligise for my sucky spelling ,but i think you would understand.

    well under all the stress i have been in my body hurts like heck, not to mention every muscle in mt body hurts like heck. on tuesday the 11th i went to counsling and my counslor sent me to the hospital. their dig. was i was under extreem stress and extreme mental anguish ( dah!! i knew that) they drew blood and then gave me a injection to help my stress. well i came home and started to cook supper. i asked for a hand( bad idea you would of thought i wanted the wourld haded to me on a sliver plater) so i kept on trucking and in about 10 minutes i passede out cold. i hit my head and got preaty banged up. a grand night. i am ok now, just want to see my sister.

    some of you wounderful people have asked me about antidepressents, yes i am on them and thank you for worring.

    thank you all for your words of support. if any one wants to read about the crash it is in the morning sentenal the local section. it happened in wilton me. thank you again for you prayers and help,,