Mainstreaming Science-Based Medicine: A Novel Approach

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    Mainstreaming Science-Based Medicine: A Novel Approach

    Published by Val Jones under Cancer, General, Science and the Media<BP>

    Megan’s Story

    A woman woke up from her sleep

    With a pain that felt terribly deep

    It didn’t seem right

    She worried all night

    But resorted to counting her sheep

    In the morning she saw a physician

    To check on her tummy condition

    But alas what he found

    By poking around-

    A cancer and some malnutrition


    So she asked what her chances could be

    Of finding a way to be free

    Of the mutating cells

    They should bid their farewells

    She hoped to hear something happy

    The doctor’s face turned very dour

    I’m sorry but I’m almost sure

    There isn’t a chance

    You’re far too advanced

    The prognosis is terribly poor


    She asked if there might be some way

    To research new treatments today

    But the doctor moved on

    To see patients anon

    No time to say more now, ok?

    Afraid to ask questions again

    She decided to put down her pen

    With her anger and hurt

    And his choice to be curt

    She became an ePatient right then


    Meg soon found a doctor online

    The top of his field – so kind

    And his new research

    From his USC perch

    Showed promise for tumor decline

    His knowledge promised to advanced her

    For all things he had a good answer

    He provided the data

    And other schemata

    And planned for a cure of her cancer


    But just to be sure he was right

    She checked out the NIH site

    And with careful review

    She knew what to do

    She refused to give up on her fight

    The treatment was not very easy

    She often felt shaky and queasy

    Yet she stayed the course

    Pushing through it with force

    Walking whether ‘twas sunny or breezy


    A friend called to check on the rumor

    That Meg picked a fight with a tumor

    The friend offered advice

    About herbals and spice

    Which he presented in really good humor

    Oh my friend this sounds really appealing

    And I know all you want is my healing

    But how do you know

    To believe in this so

    When all you rely on is feeling?


    Dear Megan, he said with a wave

    I know that you’re awfully brave

    You don’t have to endure

    The toxins I’m sure

    These herbals are able to save

    Well let’s look at their track record then

    If they really do work I’ll give in

    So they researched Medline

    And Mayo Clinic online

    Finding no evidence of a win


    But there are people who say this will work

    Herbs saved these three guys and a clerk

    They put their minds to it

    Were sure they could do it

    And avoided chemo with a smirk

    But my friend in this life you must see

    We use science to think critically

    If there is an effect

    We’re sure to detect

    A dose-response repeatedly


    Meg carefully weighed all her choices

    Giving weight to the most reasoned voices

    She found the best science

    And increased self-reliance -

    Worth more than a million Rolls Royces

    Her first doctor rallied to meet her

    Admitting she’d saved her own keister

    So she offered a toast

    To the folks she loved most

    And the victory couldn’t be sweeter

    Julie’s Story

    A woman had been in the shower

    For something quite close to an hour

    When she noticed a lump

    The tiniest bump

    Just below her tattoo of a flower

    I guess I must have a bug bite

    Though this bump doesn’t fe-el quite right

    She wondered aloud

    With her head in a cloud

    Assuming that it was alright


    Months later she noticed some pain

    On the spot where she had a food stain

    So she scratched off the spot

    Took her walk to a trot

    And proceeded to shut off her brain

    Later on she woke up with a start

    This lump’s really starting to smart

    So she went to the net

    Now breaking a sweat

    Worried something was wrong with her heart


    She netsurfed around for some time

    Chatting live with the people online

    They thought she might like

    A short hunger strike

    Or to calm down her chest pain with wine

    But my skin is getting so red

    Am I making this up in my head?

    Why not watch for a while

    Or jog for a mile

    There’s nothing much more to be said


    Julie liked her new friends on the web

    Though with patience beginning to ebb

    She asked yet again

    To Kim, Kyle and Ken

    If they had some ideas instead

    An herbalist friend that I know

    Diagnoses her friends on the go

    Please call her right now

    And she’ll show you how

    To cure pain with good energy flow


    So she called the healer in a pinch

    And was told it was really a synch

    She should lie on the floor

    To strengthen her core

    And breath without moving an inch

    But my skin is beginning to crack

    -Well of course it’s because you might lack

    Vitamins for your dermis

    Put them all in a thermos

    Drink ‘em down and put on an ice pack


    Do you think I should see an MD?

    Julie asked of her community

    Heck no, don’t go there

    You won’t have a prayer

    You’ll be poisoned immediately!

    Don’t you think that there might be just one

    Who could help out my skin rash a ton?

    It itches and hurts

    I can’t wear my shirts

    I can tell you this isn’t much fun


    Julie left her friends on the computer

    To find a physician to suit her

    During the exam

    The doc shouted “Ma’am!”

    I’ll need to call our trouble shooter

    The oncologist looked on aghast

    At the breast cancer’s fungating mass

    Why did you wait?

    You’ve sealed your fate

    There’s no way to alter the past


    You can’t fix this tumor for me?

    Well now I see very clearly

    My friends told me docs

    Are as useless as rocks

    You don’t do much good, I agree

    But miss Julie, you’re breaking my heart

    The oncologist, flipping his chart

    We do have a cure

    You’d have it for sure

    If you came in with a lump at the start


    We can treat you for pain and unease

    We’ll give comfort however you please

    The lesson of course:

    Consider the source

    As an ePatient with a disease

    Oh doctor, we need to tell others

    Not to mix up our health with our druthers

    May my death find some meaning

    My soul intervening

    For breast cancer in daughters and mothers

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    How can I be a troll on my own thread?

    I am not putting this on the cancer board as it is a parody. Read it again.


    ETA Vent all you want. Maybe you will get it out of your systems?

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    I don't think in any of my posts I have called a specific person a name, until today. I was fed up as it appears that certain people are following my threads and I impulsively wrote the first sentence after posting the poem. For that I do apologize.

    I will delete the first part and change the title

    However, I don't think any of my other posts have singled out anyone or written in a derisive tone or accusing anyone of motives that are ridiculous. I try to be respectful and just give out information. However, I do have a sense of humor that not everyone appreciates, so will watch that. :D

    Go on to other threads if you are here to just dis me because I may have a different opinion.

    I know there is some history here other than this topic, but I will not go into that as it is in the past and better to stay there. Unfortunately, I am not the only one to be targeted.

    I will take down the first part and change the title.

    Debate, show me any research you have, show me the fallacies of any study or opinions I might post but don't make it personal.That is called a debate and we can learn a lot that way even if we disagree.

    I bet that when it comes down to it we all have more beliefs in common than you would think. We are in this boat together. Sometimes the pain, exhaustion may take over our emotions.It happens but we have to take responsibility for our actions.

    This is getting to be like a bad habit and needs to stop. .

    Let's all take a deep breath and relax a bit. Maybe go to the chit chat board and have a good laugh. I think there is a hot tub over there for our weary bodies. Maybe even a masseuse who will serve nonalcoholic drinks and munchies.

    See you there?

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    is really necessary. Here's an interesting article about ecchinacea efficacy or lack thereof, which explains at least for this herb the difficulty in studying its effects...

    I (still) think the major problem is that there is no money to fund the research for things that a company can't make a lot of money off of, and unfortunately it's the pharma companies that have the money to invest. That's just the way capitalism works.

    The gov't grant system for pure science without other gains involved other than knowledge gives little, comparatively, these days.

    Until that changes, we'll never have the ultimate definitive proof of 1,000,000,000 studies to prove efficacy of herbs... (please, I AM being sarcastic as to the number of studies needed!)

    For myself in the past, for the record, after exhausting medical care for certain things, I have found supplements to make all the difference in the world, even tho Ihad great expectations for many medical treatments and originally next to none for the supplements (so much for placebo effect)... when you find that out (when you have already spent a LOT of $$ out of pocket in my case and have nothing to lose other than a little bit more money), it makes you view things a bit differently....

    all the best,

    The Doctor called my Mom, saying "your check came back."
    My Mom answered "So did my arthritis!"

    "For the majority of people, smoking has a beneficial effect."
    Dr Ian MacDonald (1963)

    Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.
    Lord Byron
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    Gosh, darn it, I could have had a V8!!!!

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    I just posted what I observed. Do you think my opinion shouldn't be tolerated.


    I think I have more important things to do than play games with you, Fredt.

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