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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nice2meetu, Jul 13, 2006.

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    Well after a few months reprieve I've been blessed with the "anxity monster". I jump at any noise or anything that comes up into my vision field. Its embaressing at times! My DS just laughs, and I smile, but inside I want to cry.

    My hands are shaky and legs feel like jello. My heart races. My mouth is dry.

    Dr. says its depression, yeah who wouldn't be depressed when they feel like crap.

    I was fine, ok not fine, stable, for almost three months even while going through a divorce. I was taking care of the house, paying my bills, running to baseball practices and preschool outings. Now I feel like I can't go outside the house.

    A symptom will crop up like I had before and even though its the same as I had before, it seems somehow much more frightening.

    I could use some words of wisdom. Got any??? Thanks :)
  2. nice2meetu

    nice2meetu New Member

    I am so much better today. I think the worst of this is over. Of course the pain is still not great but manageable.

    The anxiety is quite alot lessened. I think that the stress of my daily drama is starting to get to me. Also I did some research and anxiety is a major problem with fms sufferers.

    I'm glad you answered my post, again thanks!

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