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    I just found this web site and was wondering if anyone else out there has fatigue so bad that on most days can't do anything except go to the bathroom and wouldn't get up to do that if i could get out of it. I have no quality of life anymore,I haven't been able to work in 6 years and have been denied my disability.I stay in bed for days on end.I've been told I have fm and cfs along with major depression.I could deal with the pain and everything else if I could just find something to help with the fatigue.I was told by my attorney that I was denied my disability because I didn't follow thru with Dr's advise on physical therapy etc. well it's kinda hard to get up and get dressed and get anywhere when it takes all you got just to go pee!!!!Is there anyone out there that is as tired as I am all the time?I have been put on meds for this but all they seem to do is make me talk like crazy,they don't give me any energy to do much else.If anyone knows of anything that increases your energy level please respond.I'm about ready to try anything!!!Thanks,vicky
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    im so sorry to hear that youre feeling so sick. you definitely deserve to have your life atleast somewhat back! what you're describing sounds exactly like how i was but only the first year after coming down with cfs. it was horrible. the only thing that truly helped me was my holistic doctor and kinesiologist and i would recommend someone similar or even just any holistic doctor to everyone who has cfs. I cannot be more thankful for having such a wonderful doctor. Four years later he has helped me reach a certain level of improvement but unfortunately has not cured me 100%..

    definitely make sure you're diet is good also, i always feel 100 times worse when i eat sugar or wheat bc i usually end up getting a candida infection, like most other ppl with cfs. i stay away from anything that has preservatives or additives which usually makes me feel horrible also, even the smallest intake of something like that will make me want to sleep for hours.

    hope u feel better, hope this helps a bit!
  3. misskoji

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    I'm sorry you're suffering so much. Many here struggle with the exact same things. I'm so glad you've found this site. Everyone here is so helpful and it's so very nice to have people that understand.

    I don't have any real great suggestions for you. I just wanted to tell you not to quit the disability process. I didn't follow half of what was told of me. We KNOW what we can and cannot do, no matter who delivers the orders. That shouldn't matter wih the whole picture in regard to your disability. It took me a very long time to be approved, but I did fight and eventually won. Don't give up yet please.

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    I have had a great improvement battling fatigue with Prednisone. You really do need to find a good Dr. My primary care Dr. is an internist and knows a lot about FMS and fatigue. She has me using sublingual B complex. I also suggest finding a good neurologist that also treats FM. Mine put me on Lyrica. I also take Tramadol and Vicodin (sparingly) for pain. Recently I have been seeing a Naturopath tha is giving me NAET allergy treatments. It's $60 out of pocket per treatment. It doesn't help right away but I am hoping that it will work eventually. Make sure you drink LOTS of water. I think my fatigue and pain get worse when I let myself get dehydrated.

    I'm so sorry for you. I hope and pray you find something that helps.
  5. lvjesus

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    I just recently found and started taking FRS Healthy Energy. I am in a flare right now that started with my PMS and has gone on for a week or so now, but before all that started, the FRS was working great for me. Google it and see what you think.

    You can get a 2 week free trial before you buy to see if it works for you. It is the only thing I have ever found that works for fatigue for me, and it provides some pain relief too.
  6. jole

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    I had the exact same fatigue as you when I first came down with this DD. I understand the helplessness and hopelessness that goes with it. I slept constantly and never felt rested. My hubby was always checking on me because my breathing was so shallow that he didn't know if I was alive or not!

    The docs didn't understand and said it couldn't possibly be that bad....but it was. The days ran into weeks, then months, and I saw nothing but my bedroom. But eventually my body got the rest it needed and began to heal itself. I then graduated to being able to get to the recliner...which meant I could watch tv again and exercise my mind a bit.

    It was quite awhile before I was able to get to PT, and when I told them what was going on, my program consisted in gentle exercises (wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck, etc.) and the balance ball. That's all. They were very understanding and documented my limitations, which helped a lot with my disability.

    Also, the more doctors you see, the more it helps. It shows you are trying to find help and get answers. You also have more documentation of your DD. Have as many tests run as possible (MRI, scans, labs, etc.). This also helps greatly.

    As someone else said, do not give up. Most people are denied at least twice before receiving their disability. That's the purpose of a lawyer, to fight this for you. If he's not suggesting to go forward, get a new lawyer who knows how to deal with these DD's.

    I don't have any suggestions for you other than listen to your body and do what it says. Do not feel guilty for resting when you have will get better! Do you have help (hubby, etc.) with meals? As someone else said, nutrition is very important. Perhaps I would have healed faster if I could have done that, but when you can't get to the kitchen it's kinda hard to cook a decent meal, right?

    I feel your pain and wish you the very best. Hope you can find a good doc, and a good lawyer!
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    I suffer with severe fatigue also. I tried so many supplements and have spent a small fortune on them. None have worked for me. I've been trying to sit in the sun for a half hour a day, it feels so good. Weather here is getting colder so I'm on the hunt for a sun lamp.

    I agree with you about going to physical therapy, I couldn't do that either. I sit in my chair all day and can barely make it to my doctor appointments.

    I'm in the begining stages of filing for SSDI and am hopeful but at this point, I'm trying not to get stressed out over it.(right). I agree with others that you should call ALLSUP. If I get denied they will be the first people I call. I fired my useless lawyer and did it on my own because he never even filed for me.

    Maybe someone out there will help us.

    Hang in there,

  8. gapsych

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    I know how awful the fatigue can be.

    Can you tell us a bit about your medical history?

    What meds. are you on? Which ones have you tried and why did you get off them?

    What kind of doctor do you have?

    I know that is a lot of questions but the more information you give us, the more ideas we can come up with. Just remember we are not doctor's but certainly tell you what has helped us and suggests things to try.

    I take Provigil and it helps me when I need to get extra energy. It does not make me hyper.

    What you will find is that we all react differently to medications and what helps us.

    If there is anyway to get to a PT, that would help you with documentation for your disability. My PT was very knowledgeable about FM/CFS and PEM (post exertional malaise). Ask for a PT who has worked with not only FM patients but patients with CFS.

    Welcome to the board. You will find a lot of support here.


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