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    I was sick since Feb. 10 with pnuemonia and bronchitis, took antibiotics for 6 weeks and 2 Rx. of predisone. Feeling better from that but my fm is in a major fare and the pain is so bad in shoulders, neck and back. Just don't know what to do anymore. Guess I will have to call rhuemy. Tried today but he is gone, so will have to wait til tomorrow.
    Thanks for letting me vent
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    you have every right, just like the rest of us. Sorry your feeling so bad expecially after what you just went thru. Do you have any muscle relaxers to help you out until you talk to the dr. I hate when it you call the dr.s and they are closed. If it isn't one thing, it's another. Well I am thinking good things for ya' and hoping you feel better soon. I am a granny too.
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    we are susceptible to bronchial inflection because our immune systems are low. I suffered yearly with the same - built my body on greens slowly, vitamins and daily walks for sun. It took awhile but knowing we are susceptible, you learn to avoid the stressors that make us so ill. Sorry to hear you feel so bad.

    When I fell ill, I always told myself "this will pass" and looked toward another day, knowing that eventually the sickness and the flare would ease up. And it did.

    Wish you better health and sunny days`