major FM flair-up after massage

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Rosetta, Jul 28, 2003.

  1. Rosetta

    Rosetta New Member

    Anyone else had a major flair after getting a massage? I thought a massage was suppose to help.
  2. Annette2

    Annette2 New Member

    I had a massage a few months before I was diagnosed with FMS. I won the massage from a health food store that had a masseuse on staff. I didn't know I had FMS, plus I didn't know anything about massage and the different types there are. I thought this guy did a good job, however, when I got home I was in agony! I spent quite a bit of time in a hot bath. I had pain all over and couldn't understand why. I thought massages were supposed to make you feel better. But his massage was too deep and since I hadn't been diagnosed yet I didn't know that I would suffer afterwards. Perhaps the massage you got was too "deep" or not the proper kind for someone with FMS. I don't know enough about the different types of massages there are, but I hope someone else on the Board does. I assume you need to connect with a masseuse who knows what kind of massage to give to someone with FMS. Did you tell the masseuse you saw that you have FMS? My suggestion now is to take a nice, hot bath with some Epsom salts and then rest.

  3. iconracr

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    A warm shower, followed by a few BIG glasses of water and a moist heating pad helps me.

    Be careful your sleep pattern is not affected.
  4. Magee

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    I get a one hour massage every week. It is the one constant thing that helps me. For a period of about 7 months I was getting deep tissue, trigger point release massage. It was so painful, I cried through the whole massage BUT it only hurt that day and then there was sweet relief.
    I now only get firmer relaxing massage including hot stone therapy (ahhhh) and relexology. My therapist has spent a lot of time reading about FMS and that has been invaluable. Try it again and ask for a gentle, relaxing massage. If it's still painful, I'd get a second opinion. My mom is not able to tolerate massage. no pain while she is getting it but she is in agony for 5-7 days. That is not worth it.
    Good luck!
  5. ozgran

    ozgran New Member

    I have a weekly massage but it has to be VERY gentle. I used to come home sore and achy and had a really bad day the next day. But my massuer is very interested in my FM and I talk to her about many things I learn which she appreciates.

    Says I am the worst case she deals with but the most proactive. She uses lavender oil to massage me and takes it very easy. I look forward to my app' and go straight up to her and straight home again. I don't do anything else while I am out. Come home and drink lots of water, get dinner and go to bed early. I wouldn't miss my app'. Love ozgran
  6. Aeryn

    Aeryn New Member

    She supposedly knows a lot about FM. She did trigger point release, I was in pain for nearly a week afterwards. I still don't feel all better. My guess is that in the future she should only do one trigger point slowly and gently and not try to do it all in one session, then focus the rest on gentle relaxation. It doesn't all get released on one session, you know? I'd have to see her everyday if we were going to deal with it this way! This is what I am going to tell her.

    I used to only ever get relaxation massages and they were fantastic, never an issue, I always felt better.
  7. Donna39

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    Yesterday I had my first professional massage.My husband gives me one almost every night and it is the ONLY thing that gives me any kind of relief.Anyways,I had a deep tissue massage yesterday(1 hour) with e-stim treatment.When I left I felt like I had died and come back in someone elses body.I just floated all the way home.Just wondering if anyone has had the e-stim treatment?They take an electrical stimulation devise and put on all trigger point areas.It either will deaden the nerve or jump-start it to start functioning properly.He said that they have had great success with this on their Fibromyalgia clients,and I am going back for another treatment this week.Would like to hear if anyone has any comments on this kind of therapy.
  8. Carlacat

    Carlacat New Member

    Where did you go for your massage?? I did go but now I cant afford them anymore. Also when did you say the fibro met at the hospital? I'm gonna try and go this month. This humidity is killing me that were having. How did your doc appts turn out?? call me or email me.
  9. Rosetta

    Rosetta New Member

    I went to Johnson on Division Street. The meeting are the second Thrusday of the Month I think. Call St Joseph hospital to make sure that I am right about the date of the FM meetings. I have been in a Flair for the last two weeks. It is starting to get better but I am still extremely Fatigued. I can barely do anything.
  10. Dogtired

    Dogtired New Member

    Hi Rosetta,
    I get a gentle massage about once a month - it is one my favorite things in this world!
    But I have noticed since being diagnosed with this DD I do flare afterwards for a couple days, followed by many better days. My massage therapist recommends 2-3 times weekly epsom salt baths and eating leafy greens and drinking lots of water after a massage to soak up the toxins. Does seem to reduce the pain afterwards.
    -Kristi :)
  11. toots2

    toots2 New Member

    I think there are probably some of us here who cannot tolerate massage, me for one. Even with the lightest touch, I end up hurting. I hear it helps many but I can't bear anyone pressing on my body. Toots
  12. imagin

    imagin New Member

    hi. ok, i'm not officially a massage therapist, but in 7 days i will be. :) what we've learned and my personal to take baby baby steps with FM/CFS. When we did deep tissue a few weeks ago, it really sucked for me to say the least. i was in agony for days and felt like i was getting the flu. well, people without fm or cfs have to drink lots of water after a massage or they'll hurt too. so people with it have to drink way way more. (real technical terms here. :)) especially people with fm, the connective tissue hold so many toxins and a massage pushes them out. so if you don't drink enough water, yeah, you're going to hurt. there are all these toxins just sitting in your body. so start slow. start by telling your massage therapist you have it and want only the lightest swedish for 30 minutes tops. if not less. then, see how you feel. if it was ok, try 35 min. if not so great, try 15. and just keep doing this. massage is actually great for people with fm because it does get out toxins our bodies are holding. but you have to give your body the means to wash it out. hope this helps.
  13. Carlacat

    Carlacat New Member

    Maybe try another massage person. I heard that those people at Johnsons was alittle hard on ya anyways. I've seen him before for my back and he about killed me. I know a lady in Marietta that does massage therapy, rakie,etc and she is good. Let me know if your interested. Hope your getting around better...this humidity is killing me.