Major leg pain

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by destinymarie, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. destinymarie

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    First I would like to say hi to everyone! I am new on here. I have been having
    severe leg pain! My left leg is swollen from my ankle to my thigh, the pain is so awful it brings tears to my eyes. Does anyone have any suggestions on what
    could be wrong? Thanks for all ur help.
  2. jaminhealth

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    and my issue is from lower back arthritis mess...I don't have

    The swelling could be a diabetic thing, could be from meds, could be a lot of things....

    Sounds like a doc needs to be consulted...has this been going on a long time, or something new. Any new meds, etc...

    For me when I had 2 bouts of ankle lower leg swelling is was from a blood pressure medication and then again in 2010 after a hip replacement....

    For me taking grape seed extract for many yrs has worked on any swelling fluid retention in my 2 cases...

    But can't speak on your issue. jam
  3. Nanie46

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    Hi destinymarie,

    You should contact your Dr immediately or go to the ER.

    We cannot diagnose you here and we are not Dr's.

    It could be something serious like a blood clot in your leg, so do not put it off.

    Please seek medical attention asap.