major pain still and i am on lyrica

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jenniferand2, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. jenniferand2

    jenniferand2 New Member

    i am still in major pain even on the highest dose of lyrica.
    anyone have any suggestions on what else to try.

    I may have to see new doc soon for treatment. depending on what happens on the 5th. i will ask for mri of my back, draw blood for rumatoid factors, also to check lupus and maybe even lime disease as i have heard they all have the same symptoms. if he refuses i will ask for a new doctor.I will post again tuesday.
  2. Janalynn

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    Oh Jennifer I'm sorry you're still in so much pain. For some Lyrica does wonders, for others it helps "some", for some of us, well, we can't even take it.
    Did you doctor give you anything else for pain? I'm assuming you've probably tried everything you know to make yourself 'comfortable', but you may need pain medication or a natural approach - whichever way you choose to go. I have to take pain meds to deal with my pain or I wouldn't be functioning at all.

    I'm glad to hear you're being tested for other things to rule out other problems. I can't imagine why a Dr. would refuse to test you or to try to get to the bottom of things.

    Will be hoping for the best for you!
  3. jenniferand2

    jenniferand2 New Member

    he wont give me narcotics for pain he is one of those docs that is why i want to see a rheumatologist. but i need a referal first the only thing else i have for pain is ibuprophin and tylonal
  4. dragon06

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    also on the highest does of Lyrica. However I also still have pain. I also take narcotics for pain along with the Lyrica.

    Lyrica had an all over effect on didn't just help me with pain but it also helped my IBS and my stomach so that is what makes it still a very desirable med for me.

    It helps with nerve pain but I still have all over pain even though it helps. It is just one med in my regime that I use to be functional.

    Lyrica helps people in different ways and on different levels.
  5. englishteacher

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    My massage therapist says all of her fibromyalgia patients, and lupus patients, have had great results drinking mangosteen juice -- a few which completely went off all pain medicines.

    I haven't tried it yet but I'm thinking about it.

    I also saw several articles on it recently at U of M hospital Gynecological department!