Major progress in the past 2 years

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    Hi Everyone,

    i haven't been on here very much in the past couple years. Some of you may remember me. I had gotten progressively worse from CFS, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and ANS dysfunction and it was around the time I was at my worst that I started getting on this board.

    Two years ago, I was couchbound/bedridden most of the day (crawled around the house and scooted on a chair most of the time), major pain (ranging from 6-10+ always), unable to sleep and felt worse in the morning to the point that many days I couldn't even move until 1pm and then I'd crawl around for a little while and eventually walk some but I couldn't stand up for more than a couple minutes, severe migraines frequently, severe brain fog and GI problems, etc, etc.

    I was housebound much of the past 2 years b/c I would have allergic reactions to just about everything and end up couch/bed bound for days and coughing up yellow bloody stuff from my lungs. I would get overwhelmed when i could get on the board b/c I'd get so fatigued trying to read and comprehend posts and I'd get sick sometimes b/c I'd wear myself out trying to read posts or respond.

    Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that the treatment suggestions that MD's were giving me were making me much worse b/c I eventually found I that I had multiple chemical sensitivity and every drug would completely destroy my health to a whole new "LOW" level to the point that my health was deteriorating by the week.

    I read Carla-nl's post and I like how she said, "So, how do I share my knowledge without telling you what to do?
    I’ve decided to post what worked for me. Just remember, it’s MY personal PLAN, and I am not completely cured.
    In fact, there's still and always a chance I will have a setback and relapse. But for now....."

    I've altered carla-nl's disclaimer and added it my post...

    PLEASE - Take the information that you glean from my post and other posts on this board to a COMPETENT health care professional whether MD, ND, DO, chiropractor, etc. so that they can advise you on what will work for you. Use an international search engine like Google, MSN or Yahoo to get more information.

    DOUBLE PLEASE - Don’t just do what I did, because our conditions may not be the same. I could not use a traditional medical route due to severe reactions to allopathic medicine b/c I have multiple chemical sensitivity.


    I started seeing an ND who uses a holistic approach to healing: 1) allergy elimination technique, 2) nutritional supplementation (she muscle tests me to make sure I'm not allegic to ingredients b/c I was allergic to many supplements and they were making me sicker), 3) dealing with underlying parasitic infections (using Dr. Overman's herbs and a quad zapper), 4) decreasing toxicity (herbs, ion cleanse machine, removal of mercury fillings, colonics, increasingly healthier diet including more raw veggies, raw fruits & whole grains...not perfect with the diet yet), and 5) dealing with the emotional issues that arise due to being ill (counseling and emotional relief technique).

    It has been a really long and hard journey over the past 2 years. But I've made amazing progress. I've gone from the above condition of being bedbound/couchbound most of the day and housebound most of the past 2 years to the following:

    I sleep most nights (using herbs, eyemask & earplugs), I only have to sleep/stay in bed about 8-10 hours most nights now (rather than 14-22 hours), I have energy when i wake up rather than feeling more fatigued.

    I haven't had to crawl around the house in over a year, I rarely need help walking to bed anymore (I used to need help every day), I can stand for fairly long periods of time.

    I can peel and chop veggies & fruit without ending up in major 10+ pain (I used to end up in 10+ pain trying to peel a carrot or typing on the computer), I haven't had pain greater 3 in over a year and most of the time I have no pain anymore (except while I was getting my mercury fillings removed and my body had to deal with getting rid of mercury).

    I rarely get a migraine and if I do it may only go up to level 5 pain (I used to get migraines 4-5 times per week that would go up to 10+ pain).

    I am now able to drive about 30 minutes and do things some days like grocery shop or things I haven't been able to do in many years (it makes me cry just thinking about it), it took me 1-1/2 years of the above treatments before I didn't feel dangerous driving b/c of the brain fog.

    My functional level has improved tremendously over the past 2 years but I still function similar to someone who is 80 or 90 years old. This is my biggest obstacle right now is trying to get over exertional fatigue.

    My immune system has gotten much stronger and I can go places without continuous allergic reactions that leave me unable to function; however, I still have immune system issues.

    I still have GI problems occasionally b/c I don't always eat perfectly (b/c my functional level doesn't allow me to always chop veggies & fruit each day) but they are not severe like they used to be.

    It's been such a long hard journey and know that we are all on this together. I'm sorry that I just couldn't handle getting on here much over the past couple years but it was overwhelming to me. I would get on and speak to a couple people on here sometimes but couldn't handle regular chats.

    Let's continue to hope for better days for all of us...

    NOTE: 4.12.07 - I've had to stop some of my treatments with my naturopath and also decrease supplements b/c my husband and I cannot afford the big expense anymore and my health is getting worse again. Ugh![This Message was Edited on 04/12/2007]
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    Inspiring, thanks for sharing, i hope you continue to get better and better!

  3. suexi

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    hey monkeykat; thanks for sharing that; it gives much hope. It is about time I read something positive; I have had cfids for about 4.5 yrs....tried several things....i am at my wits end and pissed that my last therapy was a BIg Dissappointment; Liver cleansing with some holistic person. Anyways, so much for that; HOW Do I Find an ND. I have heard of someone else who had luck with someone like who you are seeing; so where do I begin looking? I am in Cali. o btw, congratulations on your getting a new job. That is Soo Great!! :)
  4. spacee

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    Thanks for posting and telling us your story. I just could not be happier. I know it must have been such a long hard journey.

    Yes, we will continue to hope for better days for us all!!!!!


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    I am sooo happy for you!!!!!

    I too have been bedbound/housebound for most of the last 2 years and I'm working my way towards a remission.

    I'm in the phase of "it's too early to call it a remission" yet I'm doing so many things that were impossible for me to do just months ago.

    I'm wondering though what my new normal will be...and hoping that it's just a little bit better than the place I'm in now.


    Nancy B.
  6. Tantallon

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    that you are feeling a lot better than you did and that you found out about your multiple chemical sensitivities. I hope that you condinue to progress using the holistic approach to your illness and that you can visit the boad more, everybody will understand why it was so hard for you before.

    Many hugs

  7. Mikie

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    I'm so happy for you. This is amazing progress for someone as sick as you were. Thank you for letting us know how you did it. Continued good health and healing.

    Love, Mikie
  8. monkeykat

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    Thanks you Misty, Susan, spacee, Nancy B., Sue and Mikie:) for sharing in my joy with me! I'm sitting here just so touched by your responses!

    I still have a long journey ahead dealing with the exertional fatigue and it's a lot of work each day following health routines. My health isn't perfect yet but I'm becoming a functional human being again! I'm not a huge drain on my husband anymore and it feels so good to be able to start contributing more to our marriage again.

    A huge relief is that I'm not suffering continually like I was. I wasn't able to take pain meds b/c of my allergies to meds and so I just had to suffer with the 10+ pain. it was unbearable and I don't know how many times i just wanted to die.

    Susan: I've been pissed off a lot too. I understand. A nurse just lent me Nikken products last month and she really messed up my health and threw me into a really bad healing crisis for a couple weeks. Then she kept trying to sell me $5000 worth of products and tried to get me to sell them. i finally had to tell her to "back off". She was so pushy.

    I think the Nikken water and air purifier may be very good but are they worth the expense??? not sure.

    I'm cautious about the long term effects of magnets and I'm currently trying to research that more. I've talked to a couple ex-Nikken distributors who both got illnesses after using all the magnets(pad on bed, blanket, pillow, necklace, insoles, etc.). One got colitis and the other eventually developed cancer and they both feel it was the magnets. I don't know so I will research more. So you have to be cautious, do research and not believe everything everyone tells you. Before purchasing or trying anything get knowledge and talk to others.

    I have to go take a bath and then drive to an appointment with my GP this morning so I'll respond more thoroughly later to your questions. I'll tell you more about what I've experienced with liver cleansing and more specifically how my ND tests and treats patients as you will want to find someone who muscle tests really well.

    Take care and thanks again, Monkeykat

  9. pepper

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    I am so happy for you! Thank you so much for sharing what has made you feel so much better. I hope that you continue on your road to health.

  10. monkeykat

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    Hi Susan & Pepper,
    Thanks for rejoicing with me Pepper. It's so great to be able to finally share my victories after years of suffering.

    Hi Susan,
    I wanted to share more with you about finding the right kind of ND, liver cleanses, etc.

    What happened when you did the liver cleanse? I'll tell you more about the bad reactions I had too.

    I live near Cleveland, Ohio. I'm sure there are great practitioners in California but it's just finding the right one. Do you pray? I kept praying that God would lead me to the right person because I saw numerous allopathic doctor's along with a number of alternative practitioners who were MD's, DO's, chiropracter's, etc. before I found my ND. I believe in the power of prayer and that God can lead us to the right person and also to follow the path of peace when making decisions. If you feel apprehensive or uncertain then research more and wait until you feel peaceful about someone.

    My ND had been very ill herself with multiple chemical sensitivity, CFS, and numerous other health problems so she has much more sensitivity and compassion toward me which is a HUGE bonus.

    When looking for an ND, I would find someone who is EXCELLENT at musle testing. My ND is quite gifted in her ability to test energy frequencies and does not use your arm to muscle test. She is able to detect increases or drops in your energy frequencies merely by rubbing her fingers and sensing a change in smoothness or roughness. There are many people who muscle test who aren't very good at it but I have repeatedly been amazed at her accuracy.

    My ND muscle tests every product that I use in 4 different ways: 1) Is it a good product? 2) Am I allergic to any of the ingredients 3) Is it beneficial for me (what percent benefit will it give my body) and 4)Best dose & frequency of use.

    After I started seeing my ND, I stopped having allergic reactions to hormone meds, herbs, vitamins and supplements that I was taking b/c she helped me determine what pills other doctors had given me that I could take. She tested and told me which ones I was allergic to, which ones dropped my energy frequencies and which ones benefitted me and how much of benefit they were.

    It was amazing and I always found her to be right. I would test her with products that I knew I was allergic too in order to determine her accuracy and she could always pick up on what I was allergic to. i did so much better when I wasn't taking pills that I was reacting to.

    Another thing to look for in an ND is whether they use a wholistic approach. My ND believes in true total wellness being linked to treating: ALLERGIES with a perfected form of NAET that she calls ART, eliminating infectious organisms or PARASITES in your system, correcting NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES, decreasing TOXICITY in your system, and healing EMOTIONAL blocks.

    I guess the other great thing about my ND is that she tailors treatment to you as an individual. She is careful to make sure before she starts you on a treatment that you are ready for the treatment.

    She also prioritizes what is most important for you to start with by testing your body.

    She had me wait 1 year before she said my body was ready to get the mercury fillings removed. Even then it was really hard on my system and I reacted quite a bit but I recovered well. A year earlier, I couldn't even take ONE liver detox capsule b/c I would end up paralyzed for 6 hours after such a small amount of a substance.

    My ND & I eventually figured out that I was having allergic reactions to the toxins that were being released so I had to detox very slowly. My liver function was quite low when my health was at it's worst so it overloaded easily. My ND also began to use ART to clear out major categories of toxins that I was reacting to which made a huge difference in my ability to detox.

    I read Dr. Meirleir's article recently "Dr. Kenny De Meirleir's Breakthrough Research and Recommendations for CFS testing and Treatment". At the end of the article he gives a treatment summary which includes:
    1) restoring immune competence
    2) removing microorganisms
    3) restoring hormonal balance
    4) restoring intestinal flora
    5) decreasing prostaglandins and protein kinase activity
    6) removing heavy metals & toxic chemicals.

    The approach that my ND has used has fallen into line with his suggestions for people with CFS. As my immune system has improved tremendously, I deal with much fewer microorganisms these days, my blood tests are showing major improvements in my neuroendocrine system and hormone levels are balancing for the first time, my GI system and stools are becoming more normal than they were, I've recently been making changes in my diet and taking herbs to decrease inflammation in my body (this will hopefully show improved test results for C-Reactive proteins which were high - so I'm hoping that what I'm doing is decreasing prostaglandins & protein kinase activity). I've spent a lot of time detoxing from toxic chemicals and getting my mercury fillings removed and chelating the mercury from my body.

    I want to contact Dr. Meirleir's organization to find out what treatments he used to accomplish the above to see if they are the same or different than things that I've been doing.

    Along with the wholistic approach above, I have made numerous changes in my home to decrease toxicity by eliminating all toxic cleaners inside & outside the home, using a good air purifier, water purifier for kitchen and shower (you don't want to bathe in chlorine & all the heavy metals in your tap was messing my health up). I also try to eat as much organic produce as possible along with buying grass fed meat that isn't shot up with hormones or antibiotics.

    It's taken a lot of work and money being a detective, keeping notes, researching and physically following health routines. It has all been worth it just to get a good part of my life back again.

    Any more questions, just let me know:)

  11. Loveyame

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    What does ND stand for?
  12. monkeykat

    monkeykat Member

    Hi, Thanks for your responses.

    I am truly excited and nervous about going back to work. I couldn't have imagined this 2 years ago.

    ND - stands for Naturopathic Doctor.

    Keep hope alive...
  13. Sandyz

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    This is awesome news!! So glad for you. Keep up the good work it inspires the rest of us.

  14. rockgor

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    Always glad to hear about recovery. Hope you are able to cope w/ working a little.
  15. Scapper

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    So happy for you!! Thanks for sharing with all of us that which has worked for you :)

    I've been on a similar wholistic path for CFS myself (NAET, mercury chelation, Vega system, etc.).....I've yet to experience any significant's been a very very long time and keeping "hope" alive is difficult......thanks for sharing your proof that healing is possible :)

    Good luck with your work adventure.....that is SO GREAT :)

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    i posted one personally to you(will keep bumping til you get it) but also wanted to ask you if she mentioned anything about lyme disease? I have been hearing lately that cfs/fm in alot of cases is actually lyme disease. just curious on if the ND said anything about it.
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    Hi sandyz, rockgor, scapper, seadove and suexi,
    Thanks for the encouragement. I needed it today. I had an interview with a company who offered me a position but they changed their tune about pay and job description which made it too difficult for me to take. It makes me feel discouraged so your encouragement made my day:)

    Sea-dove - I agree with you that "One just knows a good muscle tester by the accuracy of what they are doing (positive results will follow).

    suexi - I will look for the other post you sent me. I don't always get on here each day so please be patient with me:)


    [This Message was Edited on 09/02/2006]
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    Hi Lukro,
    I'm glad that my story helps you. That's why I decided to get on the site again and share with others. I still have a journey ahead to get my functional level back but I just keep working hard.

    I hope someday when my health is back to normal (hoping for the best) that i will be able to help others recover from these terrible illnesses.

    I really hope you find the right MD, DO, ND, or other who can help you heal. It's really great if you can find someone who really cares about you too. Some practitioners seem more interested in money than in helping you. Be careful and cautious:)

    Keep hope alive,
    Love, Monkeykat
  19. Scapper

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    You had mentioned that you do acupressure technique for emotional issues. Is this something that is done for you or you can do yourself?

    If you can, can you expand on this a little?

  20. Scapper

    Scapper New Member

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