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    I was diagnosed with CFS back in 2004. I struggled on and off for a couple years, but over the last couple years I've been doing somewhat better. I had a baby in September 2008 and relapsed after she was born. However, I started feeling better again. Well, now I'm 6 months pregnant again and feeling awful. Initially I thought it was normal pregnancy stuff, but I'm worried I may be relapsing again. Over the last several weeks I feel absolutely exhausted. Many days it's difficult to get out of bed in the morning. Now I'm finding that when the fatigue gets too bad, I develop a sore throat, muscle aches, and low grade fever (99 to 100 degrees). These are all the same symptoms I had when I was first diagnosed with CFS.

    I haven't talked to my doctor about it because I fear they'll tell me it's normal pregnancy symptoms. But, I have two other children and NEVER felt this way during either of my pregnancies. In fact, with both of them I felt better during the 2nd trimester. However, I'm 26 weeks and still feeling just as bad as before. Even if I am relapsing, I'm not sure there's anything that can be done. Unfortunately I'm limited to Tylenol for muscle aches/joint pain and the fevers. Any other advice/suggestions? I guess I"m just at my wits end.
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    Sorry you are feeling so bad.

    I just wanted to pass along some info.

    Your symptoms could possibly be caused by infections like bartonella and borrelia burgdorferi....there are other common associated infections also, like babesia and ehrlichia.

    Here is some great symptom list pages 9-11 and common coinfection info pages 22-27.......

    My daughter had lyme and bart and didn't know it when she was pregnant. It can be passed to the fetus and through breastfeeding too.

    Don't mean to scare you at all, but I'm sure you would like to get to the bottom of what CAUSED your illness.

    All the best to you.