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    It's not a good idea to switch pharmacies, then switch doctors right after. I had ordeals 2 days in row, and though I admit, it looked really bad for me, I'm still miffed. I hate being on narcotics and having the doctor control them, then the pharmacy trying to control them too.

    So I see my great new doc for only 2nd time, and explain I'm out early of my narcotics and why. He writes new rx's early for me, pas de probleme, right. Wrong. To avoid an extra long drive to Carleton Place to my new pharma, I stop at what i think is the same chain on the way home. They hum and ha over my rx, 2 narcotics, no file w/ them, they arn't linked at all they tell me. I forgot this mths drug card, so I offer to fax it to them, pharmacist finally agrees. I hang out and do shopping I'm too tired for, and go back twice. They figure I got my card for them, nope. They want cash or card, so I ask for my rx back. I get attitude, but get the card back.

    So I wait till next day to go to my new pharma. They have a small codeine rx waiting for me. I hand my new rx, and explain. Pharmacist looks doubtful. I just so happen to have my alternative painkillers and pain calendar on me, for doc visit the day before, I offer to show it and explain some more. I've still forgotten my card, but they will wait, i've been w/ them a few mths and they know I'm on narcotics regularly and why. She wants to put a hold on my new rx, or take back the rx they just filled and gave to me.

    Then to make matters worse, she notices the other pharmacy stamped my rx and wants to know why. I explain that too. I'm painfully aware I now look totally like a drug seeker in her eyes, even though junkies don't buy bags full of alternative remedies or log their binges.

    I take the small codeine rx home and agree to let them hold the new rx, even though it was dated for yesterday. She tells me 5 days, I figure I can do it. I see at home that its 10 days, so I call, I won't last that long. So now she has to bother my new doctor and ask if she should fill my rx that he wrote me.

    I hate, hate, hate when they do that. I hate that he's getting bugged already by my new pharma-nanny's. I hate that these people get to control me and judge me, etc, etc, ad nauseum. Man I was spitting sparks today the more I thought of it.


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    Well maybe not... We use the same pharmacy in a grocery store that we have been using for I don't know how long. I don't have a problem getting my Lortabs even when I try to do it about 3 or 4 days early. It is with a ton of other Rx's. I just want to do it all at the same time.

    Sorry they are giving you grief. My husband picks up all my Rx's and hasn't ever had a problem.

    I did find out that Walgreen's uses a different mfg. for their Lortabs then the pharmacy I use who uses Watson brand and Walgreen's used another as my son was on the same meds for neuropathy at one time. I noticed when I took one of his pills it just didn't seem to work as well as mine did, so we decided not to switch over to Walgreen's. I get a lot of generics and I'd rather they be of better quality that cheaper and not as effective.

    Good luck getting your other Rx. :)

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    My ordeal might not even be from bad pharmacies, it was a pretty dicey situation, but it still eggs me.

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    I've checked w/ 2 pharmas on this, and talked to my old pharmacy too, someone in the biz 30 yrs. Because doctors can lose their licenses for nefarious perscribing, the pharmas do have the right to question rx's. Seems like the doctor should be the ultimate authority, but apparently not.

    So its up to the pharmacist's discretion how highhanded they want to be about it. My old pharmacy, who I thankfully didn't close my account, didn't haggle over small extra rx's, but they were just careful about not releasing my narcotics early. That's standard, and i can live w/ that.

    What it looks like I'm going to do is keep using my old pharma, who I've been w/ 7 yrs, just for my narcotics. One of the pharmacists at the old one said if I could get my rx back they would still fill it. If the new pharmacy fills it, then I'm stuck dealing w/ them over my narcotics for the next for mths, as I have refills. Narcotics can't be transferred to another pharmacy, btw, but other rx's can.

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    and I'm dreading it sooooooooo much.

    If I don't want them to have control of my recent narcotic rx's for the next 4 mths, then I have to speak up now and see if it hasn't been filled yet and if I can get the rx back to bring to my old pharmacy. The new pharmacist was going to call my new doctor and make sure he knew the rx was a bit early and if he would still authorize it.

    I didn't like this new pharmacist from the first time I dealt w/ her. There was no runin at first, but she just rubbed me the wrong way and I could tell she was really controlling. I didn't really want to switch to that pharmacy because of her, but the location, in our nearest grocery store, was too convenient to pass up. Or so I thought. It doesn't seem as convenient now, let me tell you, location isn't everything.

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    and oh man, was I ever dreading it too. but it went rather well. I have the controlling little pharmacist completely on the defensive now, rather than me being on the defensive, w/ her looking at me like I'm up to no good.

    She doens't have a reply back from my new doc on whether to go ahead w/ the rx, so it isn't filled yet. I can still take it back, and fill at my old pharma. I told her that's what I thought I should do since they know me for 7 yrs, trust me, and trust my rapport w/ my doctors. She tried to claim it wasn't because she didn't trust me, but of course that's exactly what it is. I explained I'm in the unfortunate position of tryhing to break in a new doc and new pharma because of our move, and I don't think its going too well, that my old pharma never would have put me in the postion she is. She told me if I could be more patient and build up some history w/ them, that it won't always be like this. When she gets verification from the doc taht they can just fill it and we can carry on.

    I'm wondering what I should do now? Ron agreed to go to my old pharma just for my narcotics, I discussed the whole rx mess w/ my one of my old pharmacy team, she said it wouldn't be a problem to fill the rx if I can get it back.

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    I thought I had it all worked out, the pharmacist told me it was all done. Doctor had verified I could fill right away, and she said there'd be no more problems w/ it. She did say she couldn't vouch for how other pharmacists would be, but I thought she was the worst one. jSo for convenience sake, and Ron preferred I give them more of a chance to know me, and because by now I have the flu full force and didn't want to go in until today, and now am out of meds again, so they kind of had me over a barrel, because I would have been biting nails to get it to my nicer pharmacy. For all those reasons I let them fill it, knowing they'd have the refills for 4 LONG AGONIZING MTHS its going to be now.

    I thought I'd dealt w/ the tough pharmacist, but when I went to pick it up, it was a man this time. He's the worst I've ever met. He also decided my doctor's orders weren't good enough, even though she got a fax back saying fine to fill it, this new pharmacist has decided to trump my doctor again and will only release the oxy part of the rx. he says I just had codeine 3 days ago, it was 4 days and only 30 codiene, but now he won't fill the codeine until he feels like I've went enough time for his OWN-PERSONAL- SATISFACTION.

    I tried to explain, but quickly gave up. I was going to have a public meltdown after all this crap, and this guy wasn't reasonable. He was wearing his control hat, liking it just fine, and ws going to do what he wanted because he could.

    So now, unless I can convince my new doc to cancel that rx so I can fill at my tried and true pharmacy, I'll be stuck w/ them for 4 mths. Which means that my doctor is n ot in charge of my meds at all, THEY ARE. W/ history or knowing me or my situation, they get to decide and most certainly keep excercising that right.

  10. mme_curie68

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    Boy can i empathize with you!

    I was "manhandled" and it wasn't even narcotics related. I had been a patient at that pharmacy for years, but they have terrible quality control.

    I finally got so fed up that I transferred all of my prescriptions (ten) to a new pharmacy. The new pharmacy has a great online interface where i can order my refills - they will even call me by phone and notify me by email when my scripts are ready. They will even call my doctor for me when I need a new script.

    The one script I have to get written every month is for the Adderall, a Schedule II drug here in the U.S. - no refills allowed - I have to have a new one written each month.

    The old pharmacy called me (a couple thousand worth of business a month must affect their bottom line) and I told them point blank that their service was rotten and they were always screwing up or "not getting" refills that I called in on their automated system.

    It was a pain switching, but worth it in the end.

    Madame Curie
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    So I'm stuck w/ them for 4 mths of renewals. I can't even say this mth is done w/ them, because they are still holding the biggest part of the new rx.

    The only way out is to convince my new doctor to write me a whole new rx. Hopefully he will also feel it is best for HIM, THE DOCTOR, to be in charge of my narcotics, when, how often, how much.

    I'm going to send my old, aka still current, beloved, fantabulous, benevolent pharmacy team a thank you card. They are angels, ANGELS I tell you.

    Jea nne
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    I have also had a very bad experience with Wal-Mart pharmacies. Maybe their policy is to bust as many 'fake' pain patients as they can, they're always rude if the script is for more than 10 Vicodin- I just don't go there anymore.

    Yes, Jeanne, call your doctor and have him give you a new script and cancel the refills at the old pharmacy. I'm sure he would be annoyed, after giving the OK, that he now has to call the same pharmacy and OK it AGAIN. Most doctors don't like to waste time like this...

    If my pain meds change, I always have my other scripts on hand to give back to my doc, who tears them up and writes me a new one. This way he knows for sure that I'm not filling the pain script twice, and he trusts me. Good thing the pharmacy does, too. They work closely and often with this particular doc.
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    Honey I am so sorry that you have this headache with this pharamcy!

    I actually kind of felt like a drug seeker today although I am not even on any narcotics.

    I had a doctor's appointment today and I had gone to the ER this weekend for a migraine. My doctor had asked what antibiotic the ER doc had prescribed for my sinus infection and I rattled off three pharmacies.

    I was so drugged up from my pain shot and migraine that I didn't really remember even going to the pharmacy.

    The reason we have three is one we have had for five years and they handle most of our prescriptions. The second one is right down the road from our house and when we don't have time to wait for our first pharmacy we go there. The third is a 24 hour pharmacy so that is kind of obvious why we use that one. We've had to fill in the middle of the night before.

    Anyway, my doctor kind of looked at me really weird when I said that we had it filled at one of the three pharmacies and she actually made me call my husband to find out which one we used then called them herself.

    It was for a freaking antibiotic! So believe me I know how you are feeling!

    You feel kind of judged and I know I feel guilty when I have NOTHING to feel guilty about!

    I really am so sorry about them giving you such a hard time and now especially that you have to stay with them for another four months. HEADACHE!


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    I thought I had let it roll off me, I'd calmed down and decided I had to go to my doc and convince him to cut this evil pharmacy loose, so he can be in control of my meds, not them.

    but now I'm not sleeping, again, just like last night. Pain levels are way up, don't know how long they will hijack my alternate narcotic I swap w/ to offset tolernace and having to use more. Don't know what they will pull next. They've already broken thier word that they'd just fill the whole rx now. I had a bad feeling something was up when I let them fill it, and that feeling is still there.

    I swear, that male pharm. today, his attitude changed as soon as I gave him the disability drug card. he was friendly, then he hardened and got really rude.

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    Can't let this fall off the page w/out some more support from you good people.

    I still have to call, again, to find out when they, the all powerful pharmacists, deem it fit to release my codeine rx. I wonder how many extra trips and energy sucking phonecalls its going to take.

    I couldn't sleep again last night. Was up till 4:30, it was 6:30 the night before. Now I'm sleeping in till noon, 1:00 even, and my circadia is all messed up. Of course I'm using more meds because of stress and being up so late. Its appalling the effect a bad pharmacy can have on your healthcare, and how they can interrupt a good rapport w/ me and my doctor, who was understanding and willing to give me good paincontrol and not leave me stuck. But now its out of his hands.

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    Yup,they keep track of every codeine,narcotic you get.
    Whether its over counter or prescription.

    I tried using a narcotic,and it didnt work.So my doc put me back on codeine.And I had to give them back the narcotics that I never used.

    That is the way they are here in Canada.They really watch it. Makes me feel like a druggie sometimes.


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