major screw up with insurance

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sjogrens, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. sjogrens

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    I have aetna for insurance and I have never had a problem with them and all my mri's and test. Except now I am getting a bill for $1400.00 because they are charging me almost full price for two of them. I saw a neuroligist so they could test for ms and I know I brought a referal I always have in the past. I have had so many mri's. This was a new doctor. I called my primary today hoping they can help me out here. Any suggestions. I'm already in collections.
  2. kch64

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    Do you have a PPO? If they were a preferred testing facility, it's probably a mistake on the part of the billing for the MRI testing facility.

    You should call the MRI testing and ask if they are a preferred testing facility. If they are, then you need to call Aetna.

    Its possible that Aetna just hasn't paid their portion of the bill if this is the case.

    If they aren't a preferred facility, then you will need to file a claim for the test with Aetna.

    Hope it works out.
  3. bettydroop

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    Sounds like a mistake. Id call Aetna. They DO make mistakes - lol. I bet youll be okay.
  4. sjogrens

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    Thank you for your help. I'm going ot call aetna again and see what they found out today.