Make a CONTRACT w/your Doc for pain meds

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by CarolK, Jul 2, 2003.

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    I found a great way to get the stronger pain meds a needed from my doctor. As we all know, most doctors are very hesitant to RX opiates or anything stronger than asperin. Well I told my doctor that I could "get by" with lower dose meds, however, certain days out of the month were extremely difficult for me.... so we settled on a specific number of pills and he gave me an RX for that amout only. In other words... I made a contract with him to keep my use of this class of drugs down to a minimum.

    I know some of you would frown upon this practice, however, up until this point I could not get any doctor to prescribe anything stronger than ultram for me.... and my insurance will not cover all of the ultram RX!! I figure some stronger meds on hand are better than none at all!

    Try making a "contract" with your doctor and see if they are willing to give you a specific number of meds per month.... I can understand their concern for not wanting us to get addicted to the opiates..... they do have to watch their own necks as well as ours. Heck, it is worth a shot if it gets you a few hours or days out of pain!!CarolK
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    One of the reasons I usually recommend pain specialists here is because they do use a written formal contract before prescribing drugs. You have to agree to abide by the prescribed doses, not abuse the meds, and not give you pain meds to anyone else nor sell them. They can require randome drug tests for illegal drugs before prescribing and they can insist you bring in your bottles each time you go in.

    These docs are very good at spotting drug seekers as opposed to other docs who may have so much anxiety about prescribing opiods that they see drug seeking behavior where none exists.

    Love, Mikie
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    The pain clinic I go to has you sign a contract. From talking to the nurses there this is common practice at almost all pain facilities and has been, at least in Miami, for quite some time. You agree to many points, a few being ...

    1. You will take the meds in the manner prescribed. You will not be given additional meds until the next scheduled appointment if you use up your prescription prematurely. Further prescriptions are at the discretion of the physician. Patient is advised to abstain from alcoholic beverages while on meds.

    2. The patient is responsible for informing the physician about any problems with meds.

    3. The patirns must bring recent prescription containers to each visit and it MUST correspond to prescription records.

    4. Patient agrees to periodic urine /blood toxicology drug screens at the physicians discretion

    5. The patient is NOT to get any of the meds from any other source other than the Pain Clinic

    There are other points but these are a few highlights.

    I for one have no problem with signing such a contract. I need the meds and have nothing to hide and am willing to follow the rules to get them. I think these contracts are a good idea and will discourage those that are just searching for drugs from those of us who need them.

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    PAIN MEDS CONTRACT -- The contract I spoke of was just an oral agreement between myself and my neurologist. Nothing was signed and there were no steps to follow. Just an agreement based upon faith between doctor and patient. I do plan to bring in my RX bottle and "prove to him" that I am staying on track with our agreement.... I do want to keep a good repore with him so that he can trust me... heck I would rather be off all meds for the rest of my life!! I think all of us would not want to take another pill as long as we live if we had a choice! I'm just so thrilled that someone is listening to me!!

    As to pain clinics... well I tried for weeks to get into the Stanford Pain Clinic and could never get past their "fire wall" of screeners even though I had a referral from my pc doctor. I finally gave up... I figured if it was that hard to get in, well I would have to be on my death bed to get any pain meds and relief from this constant pain!! The medical community does not make it easy to get the relief you need that's for sure. So I just decided to pursue other channels with the three docs I was working with..... thank the Lord that I was able to get some relief! CarolK